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Rife machine builder reinvents technology first used in the 1930s

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Rife Machine Builder reinvents technology first used in the 1930’s.

Due to problems with conventional drugs more people are starting to look into

Rife Technology.

Rife Technology began in the 1930’s when a man named Royal Rife observed

pathogens resonate and break up at certain frequencies. In 1932 a conference

was held in San Diego. Some of the top doctors from around the world were at

the conference.

Rife began to treat many people with the new technology. Reports indicate the

technology is certainly worth a second look. It is important to not make medical

claims. There is a fine line between quackery and legitimate science. Some

people will take a nine volt battery and hook it up to a pipe and call it Rife


There are many theories about why Rife Technology is an effective tool. Some

people claim that giving the chemicals in the body a positive electrical charge has

a negative impact on pathogens. Perhaps the energy from the machine could

correct abnormal electrical patterns in the body. Some suggest that passing

energy through cancer can cause cancer to overheat and die. Certainly the main

theory is that Rife Machines have the potential to resonate and destroy

dangerous pathogens.

People will sometimes ask if you kill the pathogens in the body wouldn’t you also

be killing the good cells. The truth is Rife Technology has been around for more

than eighty years, and many people have used it.

If you would like more information about Rife Technology please feel free to

contact Travis at

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