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Rafael Correa turns to Social Media to mobilize millions

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This rise in social media has created a powerful medium to communicate and market to the masses. Social media is one tool that leaders use to mobilize during campaigns.A current example is the efforts of Ecuador’s former President, Rafael Correa, who is utilizing his formidable social media following to mobilize a campaign against an unconstitutional referendum. 

In the context of a complete media boycott of the “Say No” campaign (#DilesNO), social media has become the only platform to connect with the population. 

“I still plan on tweeting and Facebook posting myself, however, in order to compete with the millions of dollars the government is investing in this unconstitutional referendum, we will have to inform and mobilize millions of citizens in less than a few weeks; social media is our main option to protect our democracy.”

Correa is currently touring the country and campaigning against the referendum and specifically question 3, which will concentrate enormous powers in the executive body of the government and shift key oversight functions under the control of the Presidential office, undermining Ecuador’s democracy. 

Correa’s speeches in parks, town halls and park plazas across the country will be watched by millions of his supporters on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. His message will be spread because of the power of social media.

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person_outline  Full Name:María Rojas
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