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PhaZZer Enforcer II Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) selected by Colombia National Police over the Axon Enterprises, Inc (NASDAQ: AAXN) (“Taser”) Taser X26 CEW

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Phazzer Electronics, Inc. (“Phazzer ”) has learned that the Colombia National Police evaluated both the PhaZZer Enforcer II and the Taser X26 during its bidding procedure. During the evaluation the Colombian evaluators found that the features of the PhaZZer Enforcer II such as the rechargeable battery, the 160 lumen flashlight, and the safety shut down circuit were all valuable features of the PhaZZer Enforcer II. In addition, the fact that there are no reported deaths associated with the PhaZZer Enforcer II weapon usage was also a critical factor.

Taser presented a certificate of “no lethality” certifying that their CEWs are not lethal in an attempt to mislead the Colombian Police regarding the Taser X26. It is Phazzers’ understanding that Taser, via its representative, presented a document to the evaluators falsely stating that the PhaZZer Enforcer II is a firearm and that the associated cartridges have gun powder charges which cause cancer.  These statements by Taser are false as the ATF and Department of Justice resolution states the PhaZZer Enforcer II is “not a firearm” due to the Nitrogen Propulsion System. It is Phazzers’ opinion that Taser knowingly attempted to mislead the Colombian authorities.

It is Phazzers’ understanding that these false and misleading statements compelled the testing authority of the procurements division of the Colombian Government to initiate even more detailed testing and evaluation of the Ammunition; the TASER Dart Cartridge exploded which was the final action to completely eliminate TASER International from the tender offer and exclude them from the bidding process in the Country of Colombia.  In contrast, the PhaZZer Enforcer II and associated cartridges passed those testing requirements.

PhaZZer ’ believes that fair competition in the market is advantageous to all parties involved as it forces companies to make better products at a more competitive price. However, it is PhaZZer ’ opinion that Taser did not follow fair competition practices, as discussed above.

Phazzer is a privately held, veteran-owned company originating in the Midwestern United States that distributes CEWs, cross-compatible ammunition, holsters and accessories including DVR and surveillance devices for the military, law enforcement, security and civilian markets in the United States.  Phazzer did not submit a bid to the Columbian National Police; however, a separate PhaZZer licensee was successful.

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