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Paraplegic can now walk after stem cell treatment

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Hospitals and orthopedic surgeons can now evaluate a new treatment for spinal cord injury.  Research results have demonstrated the world's first success in treating a spinal cord injury with only a topical rub-on ointment that penetrates deeply and converts normal cells into stem cells.  Until recently, this kind of simple rub-it-on treatment has never before been used to transform a paraplegic into a walking, functioning person. 

The treatment relies on a new formulation that creates stem cells deep below the skin using only a highly-penetrating ointment.  The FDA-registered ointment is called TetraStem.  TetraStem is an antibiotic normally used to treat cuts, as an on-label topical drug.  But it was discovered 5 years ago that it also can induce stem-cell healing; first in an animal research program and then in human research programs.  The new ointment is being developed by the world's only not-for-profit FDA-registered drug manufacturing company.

Miranda is the first patient to benefit from this simple but effective experimental treatment.  Miranda's treatment and progress is reported online at

TetraStem is being developed by Phillips Company, who now offers any hospital or orthopedic surgeon the opportunity to evaluate this new drug in the treatment of spinal cord injury.

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