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Palmer Administrative Services Inc. Reveal Impressive Range of Auto Protection Plans and Services

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With its head offices located in the exquisite garden state of New Jersey and run under the able leadership of highly competent experts, the Palmer Administrative Services Inc. is one of the top companies in the auto protection plans services industry. Thanks to the over 30 years of experience, the company offers some of the best quality aftermarket service contracts in the market today, under the brand name of Liberty. These include a range of extended auto protection plans and services, offered by their repair services outlets which are strategically spread across the USA and Canada. The services come in handy in alleviating the burden of any unforeseen auto repair expenses on the company's clients. 

Palmer Administrative Services Inc.'s customers are given the leeway to make a choice of the amount of coverage that best suits their needs and their vehicles, right from a Basic Plan that particularly covers the internal components of the engine to a special Exclusionary Plan which is so extensive that it lists just a few things that are not covered as opposed to those which are covered. In between the Basic and Exclusionary plans, there are many options and extra coverage for other things like the turbochargers and the vehicles' audio systems that may be added as you wish. The endgame is a bespoke warranty that meets your specific needs. 

The Most Common Auto Protection Plans Offered

Palmer Administrative Services Inc. offers a wide range of auto protection plans and services that avail solutions to every type of vehicle at an affordable budget, thanks to their flexible payment plans. After picking your cover through any of the auto protection plans on offer, you stand to reap big from a first-rate insurance, well informed and gracious customer service, hassle-free claims processes, and a top rated Collection Management System. 

All of the services and auto protection plans offered by Palmer Administrative Services Inc. come with well-elaborated conditions with regards to the types of repair options included in each of them. The most common plans are:

• The Elite Exclusionary Plan
• The Royal Select Plan
• The Classic Plan
• The Premier Plan
• The Power Train Plan
• The Basic Plan 

Other than the Basic Plan which takes care of engine repairs, all the other plans at least take care of the engine related repairs, transmission, and the drive axles. 

Added Advantages When Covered by Palmer Administrative Services Inc.

As much as the specific terms, costs, and repairs which are covered by Palmer Administrative Services Inc. differ in terms of individual plans of choice, each of the company's aftermarket vehicle service comes with some features that are designed to give the customer some extra peace of mind. For instance, there is no limit put on the number of claims a client can make within the life of any warranty. Besides, the claims process is quite hassle-free since the company (and your mechanic of choice) take care of all the paperwork. You also have the liberty to choose your repair shop from anywhere in the USA or Canada. 

Traveling With Used Cars Is A Lot Safer With Palmer Administrative Services

Palmer Administrative Services is providing safety to families who want to travel more often but want to do this an inexpensive vehicle they can trust. 

It is no secret that more Americans want to travel now, but they want to do so in an economic way. American flight travel companies are becoming more and more divisive due to regulations. Yes, traveling by plane can be quicker, but many people do not want to go through the vigorous process of boarding a plane.

Airlines are making matters worse as some of them were caught mistreating paying customers, which has definitely hurt airline travel. It should be noted that many airlines charge a lot to travel anyways, which is turning away the average consumer. 

Some people are having trouble saving money due to the economy, which is making it harder to save up enough for one ticket let alone tickets for the entire family. A new market has emerged that is often called budget airlines, but the quality of the planes offered leave much to be desired. This is the reason many people are turning to ground traveling by driving. 

The problem is many Americans would prefer to drive a used car instead of a new one, but they are afraid that a used car would not be reliable. Of course, this is a legitimate concern because used cars tend to break down more often than newer cars. Palmer Administrative Services is an emerging company that is offering used car owners an opportunity to trust their cars once again. 

The company offers extended automotive service contracts to used car owners. These contracts come in many forms to help ensure the right parts are covered. Keep in mind that the company focuses on the most expensive parts, which are usually hard to deal with should something go wrong. Mechanics usually charge astronomical prices to fix these serious issues, which can put some Americans in debt. 

All covered parts will be repaired by the company's trusted mechanics, which operate nationally. More than that, the company also offers additional services on top of the coverage like roadside assistance. This includes things like fuel delivery, tire service, or even lockout services. There are more services that customers can choose from when they speak with a representative.

Palmer Administrative Services also offers car rental services, just in case the owner's car is stuck in the shop longer than expected, which should keep drivers mobile while their car is being repaired. It should be noted that there are no limits on the amount of times that a claim can be requested and granted. Those who are traveling will get lodging and meals reimbursed to a certain extent if they are stranded due to a failed and covered component. 

Americans should feel safe traveling after purchasing Palmer Administrative Services. Families who are traveling to teach their children about the country can concentrate on learning and getting to know the land rather than worrying about their used car stopping prematurely.

Conclusion About Palmer Administration Services

Palmer Administrative Services Inc.'s extended service contract is definitely a great way to ensure that your existing manufacturer's warranty is supplemented or your coverage is continued after the expiry of the original warranty.  

Palmer Administrative Services, Inc

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