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Palmer Administrative Services: All Things Auto

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Palmer administrative services has been at the forefront of providing quality extended auto service contracts for over 30 years now. The firm's status as an industry leader in extended auto warranty services can be credited to some factors namely fast claims processing, undying commitment to clients, broad coverage plans as well as excellent customer support.

Palmer administrative services ocean NJ understands the complexities involved in keeping your automobile in excellent condition. This fact is demonstrated in their commitment to providing streamlined auto plans for all clients regardless of your vehicle model and budget.  

What is the importance of an extended auto warranty?

Generally, vehicles such as luxury cars, turbocharged cars, and diesel vans will cost you more Regarding repairs and parts replacement than other cars. Furthermore, with vehicles nowadays boasting the latest technology and equipment, replacing old electronic parts can be quite a hassle. On the other hand, vehicles such as all wheel and rear wheel drive tend to be more prone to mechanical breakdown that their front-wheel counterparts.

An extended auto warranty conveniently covers all these issues to ensure drivers enjoy their driving experience without having to worry about unmanageable breakdowns. Extended warranty also covers your vehicle repairs even after your original manufacturer's warranty expires or when you keep using your vehicle past its recommended mileage.

Palmer's auto coverage plans

Customers are at liberty to select any coverage plan they feel works best for both their vehicle and finances. However, the technicians at Palmer are always on hand to provide free quotes to potential clients. With the free quotes, clients can better understand the exact terms, costs as well as repairs involved in plans they choose.

With that said, Palmer's auto protection program comprises of 6 coverage plans that are tailored to meet the needs of even the most demanding of drivers. The plans range from the affordable basic plan, classic plan, powertrain, royal select, premier plan and the comprehensive elite exclusionary plan.

The basic plan covers your engine blocks, hydraulic lifts, exhausts, oil pumps, and bearings.  As its name suggests, the elite exclusionary covers your engine, transmission, axles as well as other components not covered by the other five plans. To further sweeten the deal, Palmer administration services also offers a multitude of extras such as lockout assistance, roadside assistance, car rentals, battery replacements, trip interruption as well as towing services. These extras are geared towards improving the overall experience for clients even when they are out of town.

Filing a claim with Palmer auto

Claim processing at Palmer auto is fast, convenient and pretty straightforward. The technicians will handle all the necessary paperwork in less than 24 hours. As a client, you are also free to select any repair shop in the United States or Canada.  Furthermore, if you have a Palmer auto extended service contract, there is no limit to the number of claims you can make as long as the warranty is in operation.

Their coverage plans are also transferable which makes for a smooth transition should you choose to dispose of your car. All in all, thanks to their flexible auto plans and timely claims processing, it's easy to see why Palmer is the preferred extended warranty provider in Ocean NJ. More information about their coverage plans is available from You can also reach them at 800-599-9557.

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