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Over 100+ countries are now served by TheChecker

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  MIAMI, FL - 12/07/2018 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

TheChecker, Global email Verification Company attains the historical mark of 100 countries served by the service.

TheChecker, an email validation start-up company based in Miami, United States has attained a major milestone in the history of their existence as they have successfully clinched the 100 countries benchmark. Users from over 100+ countries are now using their services as at November 30, 2018

With a commitment to ensuring the security and discretion of emails being sent out by companies and professionals, whether they are starting up, emerging giants or already leading in their field, the company’s prima mission is to heighten the sensitization and awareness of the sheer relevance of email list vetting or verification while carrying out email marketing and general marketing brainstorming.

"Today, one out of five legit emails end up never reaching its intended recipients due to problems related to bad sender reputation, resulting in tens of billions of dollars in lost sales opportunities worldwide, “says Bernardo Rocha, CEO of the company. "Achieving this mark as a young but innovative company is important for us because we understand that the market is becoming aware of the importance of email validation and how it affects the email campaigns ROI," he adds.

Ebanx, Akaunting, Tereos and other frontline companies who rely on the credibility and transparency of TheChecker have begun implementing this strategy already, hence they boast of being free from issues like undelivered emails and they don’t have insecurities when it comes to dispatching emails because they’ve built a strong email sending reputation. This also is fast tracking the ROI of their email campaigns.

By placing implicit trust on TheChecker, these companies have been able to establish a firm stand and credibility for themselves. They don’t get to lose billions of dollars occasioned by email sending irregularities each year.

TheChecker believes that its impeccable results, easy integration and awesome multilingual customer support have helped in stretching her tentacles into new markets across the globe. This is evident on the number of countries it has been able to cover at such age.

2019 promises to be a very fantastic year for TheChecker as they are charting a course that will see them emerge rapidly as top giants in this niche.

About TheChecker

Founded in 2017 in Miami, FL, TheChecker makes it easy and affordable for companies to protect their email sending reputation and avoid inbox deliverability problems that lead to lost sales opportunities.


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