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Our Future is predictable! Dutchman discovers that humans and technology follow the same evolutionary path as living cells and biology.

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Christian Kromme launches his book "Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human."


In 2011 Christian Kromme has made a pretty unique invention. During the intensive search for a cure for his terminally ill daughter, he has discovered seven parallel wave patterns in the development of live cells versus the development of people. Humans and their technology follow the same evolutionary patterns as living cells and biology. These seven wave patterns form a blueprint for disruptive technology breakthroughs that we see all around us. The patterns discovered by Kromme is even capable of predicting future waves of change. This gives leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs more certainty in the future and thus a solid foundation for the formation of long-term visions and strategies. The theory of Christian Kromme is described in his new book "Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human ', launched the 18th of April.
The world in which we live is changing at an exponential pace. At the current rate of change, we will see in the next ten years more technological breakthroughs than the past 100 years combined. In other words, there comes a tidal wave of technological innovations at us. Many organizations see this wave as a threat and fear, but there are also organizations that see this wave as an opportunity. Disruptive organizations such as Spotify, Amazon, and Tesla think like surfers. They know exactly where and when to jump on the wave to leverage the power of the wave and leave traditional organizations miles behind.

The book 'Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human' describes the discovered wave patterns. The book challenges organizations to think like surfers and thereby help them to change disruptive threats into disruptive opportunities. Before the book was written, thousands of copies were already pre-ordered worldwide. The book explains why some innovative products and services take off and others don't. The book Humanification is like a blueprint that leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs can use to determine whether the timing is right for their innovative idea or business model. Jobs for millions of people depend on smart R&D departments to come up with new ideas and products. Every year billions are invested in innovation and a lot of that money is sadly wasted. Being able to predict whether the time is ripe for a new product or business model, can save energy and money and significantly accelerate the innovation process.

While technology is a complex area to predict, investors in Silicon Valley are already looking at how they can use the Humanification blueprint to spot the next 'Unicorn' business. The wave pattern unvealed the DNA behind many technological innovations. Even if only some of Kromme's predictions come true, then we are on the eve of radical changes that will have a profound impact on the way we learn, work and live. Disruptive developments such as artificial intelligence and robotics will help us to solve large and complicated problems that we as humans have to deal with now. And all this happened much faster than we currently think is possible. Humanification gives you an insight how the world works on biology, technology and humanity level and how it fits within the current development in our society. The book allows you to see the bigger picture behind technological and social developments and thus puts the latest trends into a logical perspective. After reading this book you will understand spotting the pattern of innovation, and you can spot trends within your own sector or industry and estimate its value. Warning: Humanification changes the way you look at humanity and technology, forever!

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The book 'Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human' was published for the first time by The Choir Press (UK) in 2017. The book is written in English and is available worldwide via and many other online bookstores. Prices: Ebook (€ 9.95), Paperback (€ 19.95), Hardcover (€ 29.95),

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