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New Web and APP platform offers Neuroscience Sports Breakthrough Approach to Calisthenics and Body Workouts Training

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Biomedical expert Jean Fallacara also known as the Cyborg has teamed up with elite coaches and professional athletes from CalisthenixPro Team to create a new unique web application platform that offers a new approach to calisthenics training. Calisthenics is a great form of exercise that involves a variety of movements carried out rhythmically with minimal equipment to exercise larger muscle groups. Recent research indicates that the exercise boosts the brainpower. 

The new web application Cyborgainz combines neuroscience to increase the brain's neuroplasticity, create and strengthen motor pathways faster. This often makes is easier and faster to master any skills. Individuals using the application will be offered custom workout and personalized plans that match each of the programs with an individual’s specific goals and objectives.

Speaking about the platform, Jean Fallacara who has over 20 years’ experience in the science technology field emphasized the need to train the body and mind.

“If the body is being trained, shouldn’t athletes also train the brain? The difference between good athletes and great athletes is that great athlete knows the way to maximize strength and potential is to train mind and body. We created Cyborgainz for this purpose. Our platform helps you understand the neurobiological effects of your training helping you to be stronger, faster, quicker and more explosive like a Cyborg”

The specific flexible workout programs on the platform have been designed by a team of calisthenics & freestyle experts to help the trainer decode any skill that they have been desiring to learn. Since each of the programs is custom built for every person, it also allows for important individual circumstances such as injuries or allergies. The testing activity of the different forms of brain stimulation including transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) is carried out on this application.  

The meal plan created for the client consists of a 7 day diet plan and clients have a choice of the different meals they prefer. For instance, one can decide whether to have Italian or international cuisine or general, vegetarian or paleo diet. A shopping list will also be provided for the client as they strive towards achieving their body and mind goals. Exercises to be carried out are entered into the system together with other additional information such as the exercise level that is beginner, intermediate and advanced. The exercise description and instructions including a video on how to carry it out and another part for filling in injury information just in case. 

The utilization of neuroscience in the sports is something that has been studied by neuroscientists for a long time. Neuroscience research has also revealed the differences between the brain activity of the top performers and the novices. According to research conducted on Neymar da Silva Santos, a top Brazilian player, the loading of working of the brain plays a major role in influencing the cognitive aspects during performance such as the ability to predict and detect the actions of other players in the case of the footballer. 

By combining mind and body training, Cyborgainz to change the approach to calisthenics training and body building.


About Jean Fallacara

Born of a disruptive spirit and an imaginative mindset, Jean Fallacara has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. He has over 20 years of experience in this field where he has founded and led a number of science-technology companies. He is also an expert in strategic planning, operations, investment management, and marketing. His specialized skills in achieving strategic objectives with the primary focus on increasing shareholders’ wealth through merger, acquisition, new business developments, or undertaking share offering and raising capital has seen him work with a number of companies helping them to create meaningful relationships with their clients, partners and, the communities in which they operate. Currently, Jean Fallacara is the Founder CEO at Z-SCI Corporation headquartered in Westmount, Qc- Canada with US branches and manufacturing bases in South-Korea. The firm is an international company with a successful record of developing laboratory equipment for the biomedical market. To learn more about calisthenics, find him on his Instagram:  @cyborggainz

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