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New service in Hampton Roads will revolutionize the tool industry!

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What is ToolBuck? was created to provide a platform for people across Hampton Roads to make money by renting out their tools to others in the community.  The ToolBuck community also creates a more cost efficient way for “Do-It-Yourselfers” to get the tools they need for their projects. 

Easily open a free ToolBuck account and list tools that you already own for rent.  In less than a minute you can have a free PayPal business account to receive payments through ToolBuck.  We make it easy for you to make money sharing your tools or to save money by renting the tools you need. 

Benefits of using ToolBuck:

  • it’s FREE to join - Sign Up Now
  • an easy-to-use, organized website
  • convenient online shopping at any place or time
  • save money with with cost efficient rental options
  • make money renting out the tools you already own
  • immediate, secured, online payments (no cash needed)
  • public reviews on every transaction for buyers and sellers to build a trustworthy community

How it works

We designed ToolBuck for two purposes: 

#1 Provide a cost effective way to rent tools need in Hampton Roads.

#2 Provide an opportunity for tool owners to make extra money.

Renting Tools:

Often times purchasing a tool for your project does not make economic sense.  ToolBuck allows you to search for the tool you need and rent it right here in Hampton Roads. 

Steps for Renting 

1.       Sign up as a renter on ToolBuck.

2.       Find the tool you need. 

3.       Review the description, price and availability. 

4.       Reserve the tool from the owner. 

5.       Pay for the rental with your PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card. 

6.       Make arrangements with the owner for pickup. 

7.       Return the tool at the agreed upon time. 

8.       Leave a review for the tool owner.

Make Money With Your Tools:

ToolBuck provides an efficient way for you to rent out your tools to others in Hampton Roads.  The cost for doing business on is only 2% of the transaction or $2, whichever is higher.

Steps for Tool Owners 

1.       Sign up on ToolBuck. 

2.       Create a free business account on PayPal so you can get paid.        

3.       List the tool(s) that you have with a detailed description. 

4.       Decide the price and availability of the tool. 

5.       Wait for a ToolBuck notification that your tool has been reserved. 

6.       Make arrangements with the renter for pickup. 

7.       Utilize the ToolBuck provided rental agreement if desired. 

8.       Release the payment to yourself in PayPal once the tools are returned.

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