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NCWC Inc Dealer Services A+ Rated Company

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NCWC Inc has rolled out a new line of consumer automotive protection products for 2018 designed to alleviate the risks buyers face with the purchase of pre-owned automobiles.

Despite the popularity of used auto sales, consumers are skeptical about making purchases because of the inherent risks in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Comprehensive Auto Protection Programs

In the not-so-distant past, when a person bought a used car they purchased it as-is.That means any mechanical defects, deteriorating parts that were overlooked, or undisclosed prior damage were all on them.

If something went wrong right after they purchased the vehicle, they were exposed to the out of pocket costs to repair the damage.This was true even if the damages were more than the cost of originally purchasing the vehicle. 

Warranty companies lie NCWC Inc provide peace of mind for consumers in the market for aused vehicle.This include things like engine coverage, transmission coverage, trans-axle cases, transfer cases, heating and cooling systems, safety features, and electrical systems. 

The average car repair on a used vehicle can run into the thousands of dollars.Purchasers of used vehicles make a major repair to their 'new' car within the first 18 months of ownership on average.That means after spending a few thousand dollars on a used car, owners can expect to spend another $800 - $1200 in the next year and a half on repairs other than routine maintenance. 

Warranty programs from NCWC can help pay for unexpected costs of used vehicles even if the repairs are to critical systems or in the thousands of dollars.This provides an incredible value for used car buyers at a very low initial investment.Best of all, they have the peace of mind knowing they won't have a huge unexpected bill down the road.

NCWC Inc Dealer Services A+ Rated Company

NCWC Inc ( is a division of and has been in the automobile warranty and insurance coverage business for more than 4 decades.They offer select coverage on major mechanical auto systems like engines, powertrains, transmissions, suspensions, electrical systems and more. They provide coverage on your car's every day function just like insurance covers you for things like accidents.Vehicles inevitably break down and need to be repaired.This notion is never more apparent than in the used car market where high-mileage vehicles require pricey fixes.NCWC provides consumers with the value and peace of mind they deserve.

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