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Music Industry Upheaval

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  Australia - 03/07/2020 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

Music Revenue Disrupted! – Crowdfunding Fin-Tech Start-up Plaiidium Entertainment will Revolutionize global music by skyrocketing revenue to over USD 400 billion! 

“Excuse me, did you just lose USD 380 billion?” Is the question the music industry should be asking itself, says Plaiidium Founder and Director, Matthew George. 

Our platform is a disruptive music titan able to generate over USD 400 billion annually, reshaping 21st Century music, and forcing major music platforms like Apple, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon to change radically or die.” 

2019 global music revenue reached USD 21.5 billion, but what is truly shocking is artists and stakeholders lost over USD 380 billion in unearned revenue! 

“Before today no one has put a dollar figure on how much revenue current music models are NOT earning and unable to access. This revenue difference is the ‘value gap’ or ‘under-monetization,’ ” said Mr George. 

Showcasing permanently free music for fans and exponentially increased revenues for artists and stakeholders, Plaiidium is a true game changer. While Apple, Spotify and Amazon tout over 200 million paid subscribers, billions of music fans are NOT paying for music.

Time is up for the dark side of music! 

“Our platform eliminates bias, discrimination, exploitation, piracy and will make musicians the highest paid entertainers in the world.” said Mr George. 

At USD 185 million, Taylor Swift is the worlds’ highest paid entertainer.  Through Plaiidium, Taylor would have earned over USD 1 billion in 2019. A chat-topping single can earn USD 100 million, and USD 500 million for an album. Merchandise, performance rights and touring revenues are all extra income. 

"Plaiidium unleashes the true financial power of digital age music. Our amazing new revenue models thrive and prosper where others just survive, enabling our platform to grow exponentially in markets others cannot enter. Value is the key to our success, we are not entering an existing market, we are creating a whole new market.”

Plaiidium’s Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) Campaign is the largest in history at over USD 15 billion.  Our funding entity Crowd Essence will manage the global funding campaign in two parts:

  • Part 1: target USD 25 million, with ongoing presence including establishing offices globally,
  • Part 2: target USD 15.3 billion, ECF commences Quarter 2, 2020.


“Plaiidium Entertainment’s aggregated revenue forecast for 2023, 2024 and 2025 exceeds USD 110 billion, and thereafter surpass USD 200 billion by 2027, and exceed USD 400 billion by 2030.”, said Mr George. 


Plaiidium’s platform:

  • delivers ‘premium’ services at zero cost to fans forever
  • allows artists to stay independent and retain ownership of their music 
  • genuinely discovers and promotes new artists’ music to billions of fans worldwide
  • returns the majority of its revenue directly to stakeholders (over 70%)
  • eliminates piracy and illegal file sharing
  • creates an online music community of billions of fans


Join Our Revolutionand visit our Indiegogo campaign , next see our corporate launch pitch video then view our other short videos on our YouTube channel


  • For additional information, contact Founder and Director - Plaiidium Entertainment and Crowd Essence, Matthew George on +61 479039660 or  

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