Mobile Auto Detailing Service Offers Innovative Clay Bar Detailing for its Clientele

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Have you ever seen a clay bar detailing kit at one of those automotive superstores and wondered what exactly it is? Clay bar is a paint cleaner with a single function: to remove bonded contaminants on the surface of your car’s paint and glass. If properly applied, the clay bar will never touch your car’s paint, but simply glide over it on a well-lubricated layer of detail spray.

Clay bar detailing has distinct benefits to offer over traditional car polish or cleaner wax. Claying is faster than polishing and waxing, and it will not wear on your paint finish. Other forms of paint cleaners often use harsh chemicals and strong abrasives that thin your clearcoat and paint over time, promoting premature wear on your paint job.

A full exterior clay bar will leave your car’s paint as smooth as if was when your car was brand new. You could polish and polish your automobile for hours, and it won’t feel as smooth as it would after a few minutes with a clay bar. Adding a clay bar treatment to your automotive detailing experience will also make the job of waxing much easier and far more effective, whether you plan to do it yourself or add it to your wash package. With this super slick finish, car wax will glide and buff with ease.

MobileWash, a product of “uberfication,” is a custom mobile auto detailing company that will come to the client’s home or place of business to give them to MobileWash their car and also a well-executed full exterior clay bar for just $35 as an add-on feature. An app feature offers a user-friendly, convenient experience where you can set up your mobile auto detail at the press of a button. The $35 price tag is a small price to pay to remove such harmful contaminants to your vehicle’s paint. If you opt for the full exterior clay bar every couple of months, and your car’s paint job will be good to go for years to come. Trained and experienced MobileWashers come to your location super duper uber clean car wash.

Before you MobileWash your car and get the full exterior clay bar experience, run your hand along your car’s exterior surface. You can magnify your sense of touch by putting your hand in a sandwich bag or piece of cellophane. Then, after MobileWash has finished the job, do the same thing again to see just how much a clay bar treatment reduces surface contaminants.

Some clay bar users have unrealistic expectations about what clay bar is supposed to do. It won’t be able to remove swirl or scratch marks, and it won’t improve the shine. Polishing is still needed to reach this end. What it will do is remove grunge, embedded environmental contaminants, industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust that stay stuck on your vehicle through rain and less-than-professional-grade car washes.

Businesses like MobileWash are offering more and more innovative automotive detailing techniques like full exterior clay bar to set themselves apart from other mobile auto detailing services. You might be considering MobileWash’s clay bar treatment after running your hands on your trusty ride.

You can MobileWash your car before you hit the 5, the 405, or the 91. MobileWash services all of Orange County, home of Disneyland -- cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Garden Grove, Orange, Fullerton, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Buena Park, Coto De Cazo, Anaheim Hills, Aliso Viejo, Westminster, Placentia, and Mission Viejo. You can MobileWash your car along the coast if you live in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente. MobileWash now serves Inland Empire as well.

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MobileWash has a fleet of professional detailers with a strong presence all over California, continuing to grow their business into cities across the country. Get your spiffy MobileWash in a jiffy with a convenient app in place and an intuitive website to customize your options and list your vehicle’s make and model, getting your car washed is easier and less of a hassle than ever. MobileWash uses their very own DIY, specially-treated, self-sustained water at every wash site. MobileWash has two convenient packages from which to choose. Contact MobileWash today to schedule your wash and full exterior clay bar at

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