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MIT Startup Develops Uber for Personal Security & Cash Transactions

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BOSTON, MA - 3/23/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Peertector (, a peer-to-peer personal security app out of MIT, just launched on Kickstarter. Founded by Jerry Gupta, an MIT graduate and Northwestern University trained data scientist, the app uses a ‘crowdsourcing’ model to provide free personal security to users. Jerry had this to say, “This app leverages Game Theory and Behavioral Economics concepts that I learned at MIT to create a verified and trusted network of people who provide an omnipresent cocoon of safety around you. This trusted peer network can be quickly activated to respond in case of need. The goal is to create an environment where everybody feels safe all the time.”

Physical safety can be a concern for visitors to a new city or to individuals who find themselves on a deserted street late at night. Peertector has both active assistance and forensics capabilities. The user can quickly and unobtrusively activate the app to record audio/video in case she feels apprehensive but senses no immediate danger. This creates an evidence trail that can be used if needed. This can be quickly escalated to ‘active assistance’ request where users of the app in the vicinity are notified of a distress call along with the name and mapped location of the requestor. This assistance request can range from asking a trusted peertector to walk you home or to request local currency in a foreign city, just like a no-fee ATM. Peertector plans to provide translator and travel guide services as well through this app.

Jessica, a business development professional with an MBA, was one of the focus group participants for this app. She has this to say, “I am out 2-3 nights a week for work. Sometimes I end up in locations that I am not too familiar with. The fact that I can lean on a network of people, in the neighborhood when I am not feeling comfortable provides me with peace of mind. I was concerned about who would be in the network, so it was comforting to know that Peertector has a built-in verification system to ensure reliability and trustworthiness of the network.”

This project just launched on Kickstarter ( where backers can get perks ranging from free premium service for life to naming credits.

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