"Mind Contrology" Author John Echols Reveals the Secrets of Mental Mastery and Peak Performance

PHILADELPHIA, PA - 03/21/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — For 15 years, John Echols, President of Mindbiz Coaching & Consulting, Inc., has been helping CEOs and their companies achieve peak performance.

As one of the nation's top CEO coaches and management consultants, Echols has been sought-after by such mega-brands as telecom giant WPCS, U.S. Facilities & Maintenance, Five Below, and Roto-Rooter.

In his ground-breaking, new book, "Mind Contrology," Echols now reveals to the masses 455-pages worth of revolutionary mental mastery and peak performance secrets which anyone can use to master their minds and transform their dreams into reality...with scientific precision!

Renowned psychologist Dr. Karyl McBride calls Mind Contrology, "Fun, interesting, and creative...an optimistic read about possibility within." Francis Marion University School of Business Professor Fred R. David labels Mind Contrology, "Insightful, interesting, and accurate." And Michael Grover of DuPont and G-6 Turnaround Consulting calls Mind Contrology, "A book the likes of Covey, Carnegie, Robbins, and Tice."

In Mind Contrology, mind buffs and success-seekers will...

  • Discover the secrets of mental mastery!
  • Uncover a never-before-seen collection of inspirational stories with celebrity association
  • Learn tons of strategies for supercharging your life, career, relationships, and finances
  • Gain access to the Dream Acquisition Formula (DAF): a revolutionary formula for transforming dreams into reality...with scientific precision!

"Within you right now resides the catalyst to everything you could ever dream of achieving," coaches Echols. "That catalyst involves summoning forth the hidden powers of your mind and unleashing these forces on the world around you."

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Phone: (267) 628-6242
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Website: johnechols.online / mindbizinc.com

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