Masked American Breaks Into The White House During The Amabo Administration

NASHVILLE, TN | LOS ANGELES, CA | DALLAS, TX | MADISON, WI - 06/19/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — A masked man known as the American, leading many protesters, jumps over the White House fence in order to speak with President Amabo.

This occured after Islamic Extremists knocked over the Statue of Liberty into the Hudson Bay. A few hours after the White House breakin, a serious battle between the All-American Force vs dragon terrorists over the Atlantic Ocean. Do you want to know how all of these events are related, then read 'The American vs Amabo" by Brett Cantrell.

It's events during the Amabo (Obama) Administration blended with science fiction and superhero action and humor. There is no other book like this one out in the book market and well worth the read. Available at,, and

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Company Name: Xlibris Publishing
Full Name: Brett Cantrell
Phone: 615 335 3161
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