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Man Loses 200 lbs in 14 months

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A formerly obese man from Glendale, California, has shared with the world the secret to his incredible weight loss transformation. Adam Karapetyan “the beast” was 393 lbs during his darkest days and suffering from ill-health as a result of his obesity. He was physically and mentally abused by his partner, who made him feel like no one else would want him; he had to buy special chairs and toilet seats to take his weight; his mattress needed changing every six months because holes would develop from his weight; and he needed a handicap pass because he was unable to walk more than a block.

Now, Adam weighs less than 190 lbs, is physically fit, and above all, he is happy, healthy and enjoying life. Not only is Adam willing to share his poignant story, he wants to help other people in similar situations, and his approach is fresh and surprisingly free of the cliches usually seen in the world of dieting and personal fitness.

Adam has explained that in order to make the changes to his lifestyle that were required, he needed to find the emotional strength from within. He is keen to stress to anyone else who is obese that they too can lose weight - but it is crucial that they understand the psychological struggle that is going on inside of them. Food addiction is real. Eating causes a chemical reaction in the brain which induces feelings of pleasure and that is why food is often a coping mechanism for underlying depression.

Adam’s weight loss story is an emotional one. He can pinpoint the start of his problems to a medical upset and a fire that almost destroyed his life, rendering him homeless. For Adam, this was the trigger that led to him overeating to compensate for his emotional pain. Adam points out that many obese people can determine what sparked their unhappiness, just as they can identify the turning point to their weight loss journey.

For Adam, the turning point involved a few key triggers to spark his journey to lose weight, one was learning that his father passed away as a result of heart disease, as well as his application for a weight loss TV show being turned down and being embroiled in a long-term relationship which was becoming increasingly violent. This, says Adam, is his secret: "making many little changes will eventually result in a big change, don't look at the big picture. For instance, I lost 200 lbs, one pound at a time and did not let the entirety of the journey bring me down". Adam states that  the first step to losing his weight was admitting he had a food addiction, that his addiction was nobody else’s fault, and that only he could change the situation. Ultimately, he loved himself and life enough to decide that now was the time to make changes to his lifestyle. To 

During his weight loss transformation, Adam shed 200 lbs in 14 months. More details about Adam’s story, his personal journey, and how he lost the weight, are available on his website, From Obese to Beast.

“The hardest part is making it the first 90 days with your new lifestyle in place,” says Adam. “If you can make it that far and do it in such a way that you’re happy with your new life….it will become a part of you and your chances of relapse are going to be pretty slim.”

From Obese to Beast contains fitness information, advice on healthy eating, nutrition, taking supplements, personal training, and how to contact Adam for additional support. The content on the site is natural, direct, and packed full of real, practical, actionable tips. Follow Adam on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Adam Karapetyan
Glendale, California
Telephone: +1 818-334-6818

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