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Magnetic Speaking Announces Improv Classes in San Francisco for Bay Area Professionals

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The classes are excellent for corporate professionals, leaders and CA professionals who are looking to boost their creativity, expressiveness and thinking on their feet in front of groups.


Magnetic Speaking, the leading provider of public speaking training classes, has announced its new improv classes in San Francisco, CA through The classes are designed for San Francisco-based CA professionals who intend to enhance their public speaking skills.

Sharing more information about their classes, Peter Khoury CEO and Founder of Magnetic Speaking stated, “The Improv classes have been designed to help professionals improve their communication and public speaking skills. The classes will aid them in thinking creatively, confidently, and push them beyond their existing comfort zones.”

It must be noted that improv classes San Francisco will be held two times in a week on Wednesdays between 8: 30-9:30 am in the morning as well as 6:00-7:00 p.m. With improv classes San Francisco, Magnetic Speaking will offer training around public speaking and help the participants in communicating effectively and confidently with other individuals and groups.

As the premier public speaking training and classes providing company, Magnetic Speaking caters to the requirements of a diverse group of individuals and businesses. The Improv classes, however, will aid participants in creating interesting presentations for engaging and influencing their audience. The classes will also teach them about the importance of public speaking and further impart tips for giving presentations like leaders. Participants will also learn the art of captivating their audience and boosting self-confidence.

The Magnetic Speaking improve classes are also meant for individuals who wish to influence other people through effective storytelling skills. The public speaking training classes are tailor-made for Bay Area professionals who are looking to polish their presentation skills as well as confidence. Participants will receive individual and personalized attention and customized guidance and coaching on a regular basis.

Improv classes also referred to as improvisation classes encourage participants to act without any scripting or pre-planning. The classes are inspired by the famous comedy show “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” The training classes encourage people to indulge in performance art and use it as a means for team building, leadership, public speaking and improving business performance in general.

The classes will aid individuals in discovering their hidden potentials and further encourage them to become creative, witty and expressive during their conversations. The classes will also teach people to accept their flaws and imperfections and focus on improving their communication skills instead of getting discouraged. During the course, the public speaking trainers running the improv classes will help participants in eliminating their weaknesses and focus on the positives aspects of their personalities. For more information about the Improv Classes, visit

About Magnetic Speaking

Magnetic Speaking was set up by Peter Khoury. Khoury was originally a very shy and introvert engineer. He later pursued acting and improv to boost his public speaking skills and confidence. Currently, he is the National Speaker and aids other individuals and technical professional in improving their confidence and public speaking skills for their individual career growth and advancement.

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