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Leo Cuong Speaks Why 2019 will be the booming year of Finance Franchise Broker

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"Increasing the Financial Intelligence Quotient (FiQ) as soon as possible to shorten your financial freedom journey" - shared by Dang Thai Cuong (Leo Cuong), Financial Expert of The International Finance & Leadership Academy (Tifla Education), who has extensive training experience, consulting in Personal Finance sector and often works with international financial experts.

Here are some sharing from this talented entrepreneur:

As a training expert in finance and investment, what is your opinion about this sector in 2019?

2019 will be the booming year of the financial and investment sector. This is not only my personal opinion but many prestigious organizations, leading experts in our country and overseas countries also have the same opinion. Typically, the World Economic Forum had confirmed that Finance will be developing the strongest in the next 5 years. According to Forbes’ statistics, Financial and Investment sector created the most billionaires.

Therefore, Financial & Investment sector is not only "hot" in 2019 but is also a pioneer in the past, the present and the future.

Referring to Financial sector, many people think that this sector is the most difficult to access, and is not for the majority because of high demand for expertise ... What is your thinking? 

This conception is not wrong, but it has been changed recently. With the emergence of Industry 4.0, technology has changed financial sector spectacularly. A new conception of Financial Technology (Fintech) is becoming more and more popular, helping millions of people to access the financial world easily with only applications on smartphones. Daily needs such as electronic payments, banking transactions, loaning money... are done quickly, simply, to more complex aspects such as securities trading - foreign exchange can also be done completely online with unlimited space and time. 

In the world, there is a bunch of stories about successful people from this field, even when they do not have expertise in this field, but they are able to foresee the modern financial trend. 2019 is an opportunity for anyone who wants to develop a career in finance and investment. 

2019 will be the booming year of the financial and investment sector - Leo Cuong shared.

"2019 will be the booming year of Finance Franchise Broker" - spoken by Leo Cuong

The financial and investment sector is very large, do you think that there are potential and suitable career opportunities for beginners?

In the financial sector, there are many opportunities for all kinds of people, but the career group which is growing strongly, does not require much expertise, is suitable for many people that is becoming a trader in the stock market, foreign exchange. This is a very flexible occupation of time and space. All trading activities can be done on the smartphone application at any time. As far as I know, many people have had good incomes when participating in trading in this market, starting with very small capital.

The second career group is for those with a professional business orientation, developing a long-term career in the financial industry, which is to become a new generation financial franchise broker (Future Finance Franchise 4.0) of reputable financial corporations, by connecting, consulting and training individual traders to participate in the market. This is a newly formed field in the hot trend of industry 4.0, but is growing and attracting veteran financial entrepreneurs to join. The advantage of this field is that it can be developed in many countries, taking advantage of leverage in technology and finance, with high income potential commensurate with capacity.

According to you, what are the criteria for a new participant?

In my opinion, there are 5 criteria to choose: trend, market, product, plan and team. In particular, criteria for team selection are the most important. Because, the financial sector brings a high profit but there are also potential risks if there is a lack of knowledge and support. When starting to equip knowledge, select reputable agents, professional teams to cooperate to shorten the time to experience and not get bad results on the field of many risks.

Tifla Education gathers experts and communities who want to succeed in the financial sector. The goal is to share knowledge that advises people to have clear directions and standard processes if they want to start a business in this sector.

Leo Cuong at the financial sharing session

Leo Cuong at the financial sharing session.

About Mr.Leo Cuong

Leo Cuong is a reputable Southeast asian finance entrepreneur, book author and peak performance trainer. A self-made millionaire by the age of 30, he started and runs several businesses in finance investment, real estate, education and training. He is the Master Trainer of The International Finance & Leadership Academy and a CEO of two other private companies.

About Tifla Education

TIFLA Education is specialized in sharing the modern financial knowledge, smart trading & financial investment solutions. In addition, TIFLA Education also coaches top leadership skills applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), with the purposes of serving Organizations, Corporates & Personal in Asia top ranking.

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