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Learn the #1 Job Skill for 2017 From the Comfort of Own Home and Start Earning Money By Next Week with

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Savvier Health, LLC is pleased to announce it has been granted a license to offer the same easy–to-use subscription-based app creation platform that has been used by tens of thousands of people around the world to successfully publish hundreds of thousands of apps. Our system uses a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get format to allow subscribers to easily exchange standard text and pictures with their own in hundreds of ready-to-publish app templates. With this system, even the average high school student could churn out dynamic mobile apps in no time. 

CNN Money ranked mobile app developer the #1 job for 2017, and today that field is no longer off limits to the average person. provides many step-by-step tutorials, as well as free technical support, to help anyone create stunning apps, often in less than an hour.   

Now, anyone who can use a home computer has the potential to copy, paste and write his way into a piece of the explosive global app market that has made more than its share of millionaires.   Neither coding experience nor a large investment in time or resources is needed to become a part of the app revolution. 

With subscribers simply choose from hundreds of templates, change the text and pictures, and then click a button to submit their work to our technical support team, which then ‘builds’ the app and submits it to the AppStore or emails the subscriber a simple code to upload to their Google Play or Amazon/Kindle developer account.

Some of the 250 customizable templates include templates for games, eCommerce, businesses, special events and causes, sports, entertainment, design, digital publishing, and restaurants, and more. In addition, there are 120 features that can be added to the standard templates to further customize the utility and look of each app.  A few examples include in-app purchases, GPS and directions, social media pages, HTML pages and custom pages, to name a few.  Should a subscriber want even more customization, a variety of mobile app programming and design services can be added to standard subscriptions, which sets apart from its competition.    

Now anyone can start a mobile app development business from home and set his own fees for creating apps for a wide range of business and personal needs, and subscribers never pay any commissions on their sales. Business subscribers can create an unlimited number of mobile apps for a nominal monthly fee, and for those who just want to make a little extra cash on the side but not take the full plunge into a new career, there are various options. So, how can subscribers start making money within days?

  1. Create a game app and start selling it within hours on Google Play or Amazon/Kindle. (The AppStore takes longer to approve apps.)
  2. Create a free game app and make money by signing up for a free Admob or Revmob account and adding their code to the app.  Each time someone plays the game, small ads will appear at the bottom of the game and the game’s creator will earn advertising revenue. While most people will not realize this level of success, the creator of the Flappy Cat game app reportedly earned approximately $50,000 per day with ads.
  3. Create an app to sell your products or services.
  4. Create an app that allows you to accept credit cards for payment for goods and services wherever you are, simply using your cell phone and a PayPal attachment.
  5. Create an app for your business to keep customers up to date on specials and services offered. Send push-notifications directly to their cell phones for major announcements/sales.
  6. Write a how-to book, children’s book, or other book and copy and paste it into a blank app template with an arrow/next button to take users from page to page. Upload it to a free Kindle developer account.  

With 250 templates and 120 features available thru, as well as millions of online stock photos available for purchase, the potential to create and earn and is only limited by one's imagination. 

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