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International E-Commerce Business With an Emphasis on Education & Development

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When it comes right down to the point in life, your education plays a huge part on your success. Today's employers require more skilled craftsmen to handle the inner workings of their small to monolithic sized, revenue generating, commerce machines known as their businesses. To be a high achiever you need to have the skills that can separate you from the rest of pack.

One of the best ways to help protect your edge and keep up the winners advantage is to up your education. Let's face it many people go through life bouncing from one career choice to the next without considering the outcome they may be desiring. The ebb and flow of circumstances and the volatility of life just keeps many circling around the edge of barely being financially stable and near the brink of going bankrupt; without a rare skill set or a unique advantage it would take a miracle to get some people to arrive at a place where they are secure and financially sound.

That's why the CEO at decided several years ago to start giving out an annual scholarship to one lucky and talented individual. The scholarship essay contest challenges young and aspiring, actively enrolled college students to aim high to receive a $1,000.00 scholarship payout towards books or tuition.

Looking at the costs of higher education and the rising costs of books and supplies, many college students can barely afford to attend a university and for many even community college can be just as far out of reach. "If you look at the long-term trend, [college tuition] has been rising almost six percent above the rate of inflation," said Ray Franke, a professor of education at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. -

Helping to cover the costs of education is an important means to helping someone further their education to become a leader or a more valuable asset for their employer. The education can even empower them to become a voice or advocate for a great cause. This is the type of change we love to promote says's CEO. Change that makes a difference in other people's lives is one of the greatest forms of giving back to humanity.

Our business is to protect your automobile investment. Our passion is empowering others to go farther than they ever thought they could have. The power of imagination molds and shapes our future, we choose to nurture life and provide a platform for others to jump in where they may not have been able to do previously. We are proud to sponsor these young and brilliant minds. Maybe one day one of these students will go on to make a name for themselves in their own space and maybe we helped launch that career.

Responsible business is the only way to do business. Keeping ahead of the curve takes innovation, thought and planning to charge ahead into the unknown. While we are blazing trails in the market space we are helping others begin to make a trail into the future for themselves and their lives.

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