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insulinK - World’s First Insulin Dosage Tracker

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The frequent note-taking of dietary intake, blood sugar level recordings, insulin injections, and medication can take its toll on Diabetics. Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes at present. The only way to keep it under control is proper management, which is rather time-consuming. Sometimes, it may be easy to forget and sometimes, even easier to ignore. There is no need to worry - the world’s first insulin dosage tracker will help Diabetics better manage diabetes.

insulinKTM: tiny, portable, and usable anywhere, it is going to help reduce wasted time. The world’s first automatic insulin dosage tracker links blood sugar levels and insulin dosages, helping Diabetics more efficiently self-manage with the Dnurse App’s IDSS (Intelligent Decision Supporting System). Even with its small size, insulinKTM has a long-lasting standby time of at least 100 days.

insulinKTM was invented by Beijing Dnurse Technology Ltd. - a mobile Internet company focusing on diabetes management. With advanced smartphone blood glucose meters, smartphone Apps, cloud databases, and novel "Devices + Application + Service" business model, they help Diabetics maintain a simple and convenient self-management system. Blood glucose monitoring, cloud storage, Social Media sharing, remote access, reminders / timers, and recommendations for daily diet, exercise, medication, and exchange of diabetes-related Experiences, all through the App and its social network.

When injecting insulin, just put insulinKTM on an insulin pen (currently only available for Lilly HumaPen Luxura and Luxura HD) touch it, and it will power up automatically. Then, insulinK will use noise reduction, audio processing, and speech recognition technology to record insulin dosages collected by the highly sensitive microphone when the insulin pen’s dosage knob / dial is turned. This data is then transferred via Bluetooth to the Dnurse App and cloud.

Download the Dnurse Smartphone App and it will store Data on the cloud automatically and preserve it permanently. With this, it is easier to see and understand the trends and fluctuations of blood sugar levels. Sharing current glycemic status with approved Family, Doctors, and Friends with the Dnurse App is easy and quick. Also, there are Doctor always online to answer questions about diabetes, routines, and adjusting insulin dosages. Personalized real-time feedback strengthens use-of-ease and management skills.

The elegant appearance and practical functions make insulinKTM outstanding and worth a try. The advancement of technology is creating healthier lives. insulinKTM will not only be the first device to record insulin dosages automatically, but also as an Indiegogo campaign will arouse People's concerns about their own non-Diabetic health; as well as bring more attention to the Diabetics around them.

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