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Increasing Demand for Tech Industry Compliance

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  USA - 10/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

With the growing technology presence in the Denver area, in addition to the relocation of enterprise headquarters, there has been a shift within Colorado in relation to Mission Critical organizations. With that shift comes an increasing demand for data security and reliable centralized networking systems. Companies are coming to understand the importance of Control Rooms and how they must be secure, private and reliable. Therefore, many companies are seeking ways to maintain and control those systems efficiently. Developers and designers of command control rooms are increasing demand as mission critical facilities are brought in-house.

Steve Whitley at Design Matters has the data to back it up, literally. “We were asked this same question time and time again by our clients.  'We have your design, the recommendations etc. but how do we put the pieces together?'  There are certainly companies out there that do a great job of providing all or most of the products and/or solutions that we recommend within the control room.”  Steve speaks about the problems companies face regarding the audit process.

Since most companies don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated project manager assigned to the project, the biggest challenge is the coordination and management of such projects with a core understanding of Mission Critical operations. With multiple vendors and contractors, there can often be some miscommunication and security issues involved. That can lead to more issues, delays, and financial problems for companies. Additionally, even with an assigned project manager, key elements might be overlooked. These elements include audits, operational flaws, and compliancy of control rooms requirements. 

One company has decided to be ahead of the game and lead the industry in their physical space. That company is Legacy Designs. As the Rocky Mountain regions’ leading command and control room design and implementation company, Legacy has been very influential in the industry. They facilitate the entire design and implement the whole process from start to finish.

Project coordinators and managers do exist within other critical environments, such as Data Centers. However, they are very different. As Steve emphasizes, “Although there is synergy, Data Centers and Control Rooms are most certainly not the same.”

With the increasing number of Mission Critical Facilities migrating to Colorado, in addition to the growing demand of in-house control, management and coordination is no easy task. “Managing the coordination of these types of projects can be very steep and painful,” as Legacy Designs employee, Corey Wilson emphasizes.

As new companies are now starting to understand the true importance of their command centers, Legacy Designs is here to help.

Beyond the control of in-house, Corey is seeing many other benefits associated with Legacy Designs. They also help control the design for fire safety, line of sight, and other tactics, which leads to improving company efficiencies.

As important as the infrastructure of a city, the strategic planning and management of a company’s digital backbone is equally critical. With Denver being the epicenter of the regions’ tech boom, a bright future lies ahead.

About Legacy Designs

Legacy Designs is a Turn Key Solutions provider for Control Room and Mission Critical Environments.  Just two years ago, Corey Wilson was introduced to the Legacy Designs team in order to evaluate, assess, and realign the company’s direction. As technology and business models evolve, so must a company’s core purpose. 

After two years of diligent assessment, the Legacy team now integrates a new line of partnerships and solutions to better serve the Control Room/Command Center industries.

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