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Hearing Components Partners With Sennheiser on a Revolutionary Line of Ear-Canal Headphones

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Hearing Components, Inc., the manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earphone tips, recently teamed with Sennheiser, an innovative producer of top-end audio equipment and accessories. This partnership resulted in the completion of the IE 80 S, the German audio company’s latest line of ear-canal headphones.

On September 1, 2017, Sennheiser released the IE 80 S, a new ear-canal headphone that pairs a striking aesthetic design with professional functionality. The IE 80 S features a compact dynamic speaker system that delivers exceptional sound quality and clarity. Moreover, Sennheiser’s latest offering comes with a unique frequency response tool, allowing users to adjust audio levels to fit their personal preferences at any time. Most importantly, the IE 80 S utilizes a revolutionary design for better fit and improved acoustics, creating an unrivaled listening experience for music lovers and audiophiles alike. 

Each IE 80 S includes three pairs of Comply™ Isolation T-600 tips (in small, medium and large), ensuring a custom fit for supreme comfort and attenuation of external sound. These foam earphone tips utilize special viscoelastic memory foam technology to conform to the user’s ear canal as it naturally expands and contracts in size and shape, forming a snug and incredibly comfortable fit that maximizes sound quality. Furthermore, Comply™ Isolation tips feature twice the grip strength of standard tips, preventing the IE 80 S from slipping out. Together, the IE 80 S and its high-quality Comply™ tips offer a superb level of external noise reduction, allowing users to enjoy every aspect of their audio in even the most disruptive environments.

The IE 80 S is currently available for purchase at select dealers and online at for $349.95.

Find more information on the IE 80 S at

About Hearing Components, Inc.: Founded in 1990, Hearing Components, Inc. has been offering unparalleled sound isolation, in-ear retention and comfort with Comply™ foam tips for over 15 years, continuously researching and developing new sound products and technology for consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and more. All Comply™ products are manufactured in Oakdale, MN. To learn more about Hearing Components and its wide selection of quality foam tips, visit

About Sennheiser: Founded in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser, an engineer from the University of Hannover, Sennheiser is a privately-held audio company that specializes in the design and production of a huge range of top-quality products (including microphones, headphones and avionic headsets) for a variety of personal, professional and business applications. Sennheiser is headquartered in Wedemark, Germany. For more information on Sennheiser and its extensive selection of industry-leading audio equipment, be sure to visit

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