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Health Consultant Aimee Tariq Achieves #1 on Amazon Best Sellers List

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Health Expert Aimee Tariq Achieves #1 on Amazon Bestseller List with her new book, A Life With Health, which shows
people how to get their symptoms improved by living in harmony with their body without added stress whilst having fun even if they have little time.

Aimee Tariq’s recently released book, A Life With Health has hit #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list for Alternative Holistic Medicine! Today, many people are left scratching their heads when they do treatments and only worsen or have no change. In her new book, A Life With Health, Aimee Tariq guides the uninitiated and the experienced alike through the complicated web of lifestyle to thrive in their lives and not just get by.
Countless diets are available but the most important piece really is to help people work in harmony with the environment and lifestyles with small simple shifts and allocations of their budgets from takeaways to eating more organically for reduction of exposure to toxins. Many holistic businesses have been started to take advantage of the sick for those who have found western medicine has failed them, but there are others who are legitimate, but if you are trying to figure out a path to health, you really need simple principles that ensure your diet supports the lifestyle and has actual science backing it because a lot of misinformation that all sugar is the same is a myth that is hurting people very badly.
The book sets out a map for everyone to understand how the ecology and environment impact the food and the microbiome which in turn impacts the body. Her advice to people when seeking advice for health - look to those who understand medical ecology. 

Tariq takes a whole-system approach to lifestyle, ensuring that her readers have the necessary information and tools to continue to create a fulfilling life, with understanding how emotions create chemicals in the brain which in turn interacts with the food, as Aimee calls it "whol-istic" treatment is necessary and quoting the bible "Your body is a temple". 

A Life With health is easy to refer to again and again to implement simple changes.
Tariq says, “So many people struggle to know what information is right or wrong and look to the authorities but nobody is going to care about your health as you or give yourself the love and respect you deserve to give yourself unless you love yourself.” She concludes, “With this book, everyone will be armed to take advantage of the many principles of restoring medical ecology via the microbiome to help connect the missing dots so you can create health to support a lifestyle that you love and what has worked for her when she was having a heart rate of 140 beats a minute at rest to 70 beats a minute with no medication and surgery as well as many of her clients with various illness.”

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