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Haier Introduces New Disruptive Refrigeration Technology

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Haier, a global leader in consumer electronics and appliances has launched a new compressor-free solid-state refrigeration technology. Haier created this new technology through integrating Silicon Valley resources, Haier Group R&D, Haier America R&D, Liquid King, Xi'an Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology and other resources. The new technology breaks the technological bottlenecks of compressor-based refrigeration appliance that have been used in the industry for a century.

How does it work?

The compressor, one of the most important parts of any refrigeration appliance, has been evolving for 40 years and Haier is proud to introduce this new technology, which combines the concept of variable displacement with an oil-free solution. The technology has tremendous potential with regards to superior energy efficiency levels and innovative appliance design. Haier offers a lifetime warranty on the oil-free refrigeration compressor of its high-end refrigerators, a reassurance of their long durability and high performance.

Conventional compressors have a complex mechanism with many bearings, so oil is required to reduce friction, while the oil-free compressor has a single bearing that is lubricated by the refrigerant gas itself. Oil is not required also because the surface receives a special coating.

Meanwhile, the smaller dimensions of the compressor (106 x 305.7 mm x 148 mm) create up to 20 liters of extra internal space. It can be integrated in different positions inside the appliance, ideal for the design of new modular compartments. Different mounting and transportation orientations are also possible.

Compared with the traditional compressor refrigeration method, it has four major advantages:

No Vibration

To maintain its quality, wine requires particular storage conditions as any vibrations can disorder its molecular structure. When in standard mode, with solid-state cooling, the unit uses advanced solid state cooling components and a heat exchange system with no moving parts, creating a completely still wine storage environment.

Precise Temperature Control

Consistent temperature and humidity are indispensable factors for the ideal storage of wine. Temperature affects taste and lifespan while humidity variations can cause the wine to oxidize or change odor. Haier's solid state wine cellar uses dual power control electronics realizing temperature fluctuations less than +0.5°F"and consistent humidity.

Low Noise

Contemporary cooling and refrigeration products use a compressor, with a typical noise level of 38 – 42 dB. The use of Haier's solid-state cooling approach removes the need for a compressor, meaning the appliance creates no noise when in standard mode and is nearly silent even when operating in excess of a 90°F ambient environment.


Haier's solid state wine chiller uses H2O/CO2 refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 1, as compared to >1700 for compressor-based systems. Furthermore the heat exchange capacity is 8X higher than ordinary systems reducing energy consumption to meet the California Energy Standard.

How will this disruptive refrigeration technology be applied?

Solid-state refrigeration technology will first be introduced through a new wine cooler. Although compressor-based wine coolers have solid cooling effect and a large temperature range, there is periodic noise, generally 38-42dB; and the rotation of the compressor causes the wine cooler to vibrate, thus disturbing the molecular structure of the wine, which can affect the taste; meanwhile, the periodic on and off of the working compressor-based wine cooler will cause the temperature fluctuations of ± 2 ?, and the temperature fluctuation can cause the oxidation of the wine.

The solid-state wine cooler can avoid the above problems. To maintain its quality, wine requires precise storage conditions with optimal environment needs to preserve taste that can be affected by subtle vibrations or temperature changes. This advanced compressor-less cooling technology  creates the ideal storage conditions for your wine. The application of the solid-state refrigeration technology has refreshed the compressor-based refrigeration and showcases Haier’s leadership in the space.

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