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Get Started in Just 10 seconds with Aidemy - An AI Programming Service Early Registration Started for International Version -The World’s First Blockchain Learning Platform: Code & Learn at the Same T

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Aidemy Inc. will be launching an early registration site for its International version of “Aidemy” on May 15th.  The world’s first blockchain learning course where coding and learning can both be done without a PC environment will be available here.  By utilizing Aidemy, users can get started on learning the latest technology within 10 seconds after launching their web browser.In addition, for a limited time the courses will be provided free of charge.   

For users who have made an early registration will be able to take 3 courses - Python Basic, Numpy, and Blockchain Basic - for free.  We also have bonus courses for students who have registered with email addresses from our list of 30 universities.The 2 bonus courses are Blockchain Intermediate and Blockchain Advanced, adding up to a total of 5 courses which will be available free of charge for these students.

The challenges in learning state-of-the-art technology are the following. 

  1. Many difficult instructions which require long hours of studying
  2. PC environments which are difficult to build
  3. The need for expensive hardware

The Aidemy learning platform has removed these challenges so users can learn about Blockchain and other latest technologies with more ease.

Regarding its Blockchain courses, Aidemy’s CEO - Akihiko Ishikawa - quotes “Recently, there has been much news on the security of cryptocurrencies, such as the data leakage of CoinCheck and MTGOX.  Although there have been many incidents involving cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain technology itself is legitimate, and bitcoins are being transacted as we speak.By gaining knowledge on Blockchain and other leading technologies on Aidemy, users will be capable of properly understanding the latest technology news, and market trends without misconceptions.” 

The date of launching an early registration site is May 15th. Also, This is the URL of this site.( I would like to put it on your article.

Aidemy Inc. (Formerly, Goods Inc. ) is a start-up founded in 2014.  In December 2017, “The AI Programming Learning Service which requires only 10 seconds for activation - Aidemy” was released after research on Applied AI Learning at universities, and creating applications and conducting data analysis at client corporations.  Within 3 months, Aidemy achieved a user base of 10,000, and has over 1,000,000 codes executed, making it one of Japan’s largest learning services for state-of-the-art technology.In addition, Aidemy is responsible for the Special AI Implementation Introductory Seminar at Waseda University’s Leading Science & Engineering PhD program, and the CEO - Akihiko Ishikawa is the author of “Mathematics AI Programming” which was published by KADOKAWA in February 2018.  Throughout this business, Aidemy aims to help in resolving the society’s issue of “lacking human resources in a world market which requires 1,000,000 leading IT professionals.”

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