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Freya Health Protects Women’s Fertility and Improves Their Cycles

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New All-Natural Supplement Company Brings Ancient Medicine to Modern Women


Today, Freya Health announced the launch of their Indiegogo campaign, to fund all-natural herbal supplements for women who want better menstrual cycles and who want the option of getting pregnant.

After working with hundreds of women to improve their fertility, co-founder Marco Chung-Shu Lam (director of one of the largest Chinese Medicine clinics in Boulder) recognized the need to help stressed-out women, as well as women who have been on long-term birth control, regulate their cycles.

Often due to tension and stress, the menstrual blood can get blocked according to traditional chinese medicine and this can cause abnormal growth and imbalances in the reproductive system, making cycles painful and making it harder to get pregnant.

Freya makes cycles smoother, decreases PMS symptoms, and aids in creating and maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

Co-founder Violet Lange shares:

“From my work with women on love and relationships, I know how many women delay having children so they can pursue their dreams. But it comes at a cost, especially if you’ve been on birth control a long time. Freya is like an insurance policy for getting pregnant. Not only that, but it decreased my moodiness and cramps and made my cycle smooth.”

Early users also share:

  • "Freya is comforting and easy to drink. It suits my taste just right!!!"
  • "I’m finding it easier to eat healthier and I’m feeling less bloated."
  • "My energy levels seem to be improving."
  • "Didn't notice any symptoms today, felt good in relation to my cycle even during a really big day. Very light flow."
  • "I’m not in any emotional crisis which can happen to me on the last couple days of my cycle."
  • "I’m not noticing any PMS symptoms!"
  • "Today was the first day I ovulated in the last 4 months. Yay!!! Big win! Excited!"

There are three Freya formulas, each designed to support a different phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Freya Menstrual Formula gently invigorates blood, helps alleviate pain, and harmonizes the meridians that govern conception. It relaxes uterine muscle tension and benefits healthy menstruation. This formula can be especially supportive if your cycles have become absent or irregular due to intense stress, high level physical training, IUDs or hormonal birth control. It supports your uterus in letting go off the old layers built up and lays the foundation for a healthy uterus to begin your next cycle.

Freya Daily Formula is designed to support the development of healthy follicles and to regulate optimal ovulation. In Traditional Chinese medicine terms, this formula nourishes the blood and the kidney essence. This kidney essence is considered to be a most valuable treasure in Chinese culture and it is the deep well which we draw our fertility and our deepest will from. Often this kidney essence, called jing, is depleted through over work and excessive stress in our fast paced culture. If you feel like you have over done it or are fatigued after your cycle, this can be a a game changer!

Freya Luteal Formula is designed to be taken the week before your menstrual cycle. You may be happily surprised with a much smoother week before your cycle comes and a gradual diminishing of menstrual cramps. This formula has been a godsend for many women and this basic formula has been used for thousands of years to regulate the hormones in menstruating women and to support reproductive health. The Luteal Blend eases tension and has deeply relaxing effect on the mind, body and spirit, and invigorates and nourishes the blood to have a smoother and less painful menstrual cycle.

Support Freya Health by joining the Indiegogo Campaign and the Freya community. You can receive 1 month, 3 month, or 1 year supplies, and you can also receive coaching from Marco Lam and Violet Lange on optimizing your cycle and connecting to your body for greater health.

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