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Frederick Wehba Launches The Wehba Foundation with wife Susan Wehba

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Real estate expert and an incredibly devout man of God, Frederick Wehba together with his longtime wife Susan Wehba are proud to launch their faith based organization The Wehba Foundation. After founding several Southern California churches and observing how blessed they have been with the ability to create a lasting impact on the Christian faith community, the Wehba’s will devote their time and energy toward implementing godly values toward various regional groups. Their foundation focuses on students, real estate ventures, and both corporate and small business opportunities. By integrating the fundamentals of Biblical doctrine into their foundation, the Wehba’s believe they will be able to procure a strong influence on those they assist.

During his long career as a real estate investor, Frederick Wehba has been fortunate to enjoy the rewards of his hard work and strong faith by building a multi-billion dollar enterprise. After consistently upholding God’s values and having raised four children, Fred and Susan are ready to bring their spiritual gifts to their local neighborhood. The Wehba Foundation will focus on leading business professionals to greater gains by modeling Christian values. Their core message communicates that running a business with a strong moral compass and Christ’s guiding hand will garner great rewards. The Wehba’s can point to their own lives as examples of this; by following God’s will and by possessing outstanding moral character, success can more easily come your way. Mentoring programs and events will be created to serve both large and small businesses as well as non-profit entities.

Drawing upon his extensive business knowledge, Frederick Wehba will also assist those offering key resources to the Los Angeles area. Churches, schools, and senior centers will all benefit from Wehba’s development strategies; he aims to ensure that these groups flourish and continue to serve and spread the Christian faith. Emphasizing the potential that younger generations hold, The Wehba Foundation will also work with students who commit to living a life that exemplifies Christ’s teachings. As a first generation American, Fred knows firsthand how one’s early childhood experiences can shape adulthood, and promises to encourage local youth to build a strong moral foundation in their own lives.

C. Frederick (Fred) Wehba’s groundbreaking Foundation is just one of many in a long list of accolades during his philanthropic life. He actively sits on the board of several prestigious organizations, including the Beverly Hills Education Foundation and the Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools. In 2014, the mayor of Los Angeles granted the "Man of the Year" title to Mr. Wehba after his sizable involvement in creating financial stability in the rapidly growing metropolis. Currently serving as deacons at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, the Wehbas are also devoted supporters of many ministries and charities including St. Jude, Childhelp, and the Southern Baptist Mission Board. Through The Wehba Foundation, Fred and Susan will continue their lives of service and aim to communicate the fundamental truths that they hold so dearly.

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