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Founders of Tao Network and DigiRAMP create AltMarket™

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The first Blockchain AltMarket™ Exchange is being built for trading entertainment IP and celebrity tokens.


AltMarket™ is a peer-to-peer trading and fund raising platform with products and features specifically serving the needs of the mainstream entertainment industry. Designed by leaders in the music and blockchain industries, this disruptive financial platform will revolutionize the manner in which creators will monetize their works.  AltMarket™ is a bridge between the billions of dollars of investment potential in the cryptocurrency space and the people who shape the face of entertainment.

AltMarket™ - ?A 21st Century Marketplace

Developed by industry leaders in both music and blockchain technology, AltMarket™ is platform to market and engage with end users, fans, traders, and mass-market star power. The platform has been under active development for two years, adapting the design to evolving consumer expectations and we have the trust and support of the biggest names in music. AM is ready to change the face of music monetization. Where other platforms may cater to accredited investors, AltMarket™ is designed specifically for retail investors.,

Tao Network (trading symbol: XTO)  – launched in 2016 as the first blockchain specifically designed for intellectual property rights management applications. This fully developed and operating cryptocurrency network is already traded on exchanges and will play an integral role in the platform.

Tao Network founder and AltMarket™ CEO Bryce Weiner says, “AltMarket represents the culmination of years of research and development by the Tao team to bring blockchain rights management and real monetization solutions to the music industry.”

DigiRAMP – Digital Rights and Assets Management Platform - has developed an online service providing tools for creators and stakeholders of music rights to register, administrate, license, and distribute music through the entire digital content supply chain.

This disruptive platform-as-a-service (PaaS) connects a fragmented ecosystem: Digital Rights and Assets Management Platform: DigiRAMP ties databases together and allows any user to manage and transact in real-time based on stakeholder rights to all IP. Offering the entire digital content supply chain to everyone, this can be skinned to apply to other sectors.

DigiRAMP founder, multi-platinum songwriter, and AltMarket™ Chief Innovation Officer, Peter Rafelson says, “AltMarket allows creators and stakeholders to monetize and capture value in the business of music and rights, as never seen before.  The fans and artists both benefit without sacrificing the ability to monetize, and that’s what really matters.”

This collaboration has enabled records of copyright and intellectual property to be ported to blockchain ledgers and rendered as peer-to-peer tradable tokens.  These efforts have culminated in AltMarket™, - a 21st century marketplace for the monetization of rights and intellectual property, launching in 2018.

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