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Founder of OrangeHealth,Harvard medical Job for cancer vaccine.After investing 15 years in US, immigration is not giving work authorization for 3 years for not participating in my employer GE scheme

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An engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, contributed in extra ordinary ability, national interest. Currently Fund raising for my start up.


OrangeHealth: Peer to Peer platform for managing diabetes /health conditions and health improvement driven by artificial intelligence.

General Electric knowingly released 100,000+ medical devices with critical defects including but not limited to violation of HIPAA, HITEC regulations, security vulnerabilities for several years. Madhuri worked as a Lead Engineer at GE. For not participating in their fraud scheme, GE in retaliation & discrimination canceled/withdrawn my work authorization, H1B visa.

After investing 15 years in USA and contributing in extra ordinary ability including in national interest, DHS has stalled, denied my work permit for three years, despite attached Harvard Medical job offer and founding a startup. General Electric is a government contractor who spent $30 billion in lobbying virtually all government departments; also a charter corporation of the military industry complex.

Jeff Immelt stepped down a GE CEO on June 12, 2017.

Madhuri developed world’s first digital-equivalent to personal computer instrument for genome sequencing used for drug discovery in 2009 ..that 20 people start up went to generating hundreds of millions for revenue, funding. This was in NATIONAL INTEREST ..Dr. Jonathan Rothberg- founder of this start up was awarded national medal by former president Obama in January 2016..and Dr Rothberg made 700 million for selling one of the genome sequencing company..I didn’t make a penny though :)

In Immigration petition, Madhuri wrote heavily about precision medicine in April 2104... Robert Cunningham Harvard executive also wrote that.

In 2015 State of Union address, President Obama launch precision medicine initiative.

 1)    About OrangeHealth:


As per World Health Organization, China, India, USA are among the top three countries with a high number of diabetics; same for hypertension.  415 million people have diabetes in the world.

Solution:   The company aims to provide support, advice, expertise through peer to peer interactions; users can be anonymous. By driving accountability, purpose and context through communities, measurement/analytics. Prevention is better than cure by managing chronic condition such as a hyper tension future stroke and disability can be prevented. US cost saving $200B global double US number. Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Peer to peer engagement is a holy grail for consumerization of HC. The mHealth market is poised to grow to $41 billion by 2020 and experts credit the expected growth to chronic disease management.

Health improvement app has 6000 active users for managing allergy, finding a doctor, making doctor appointment & predictive analytics for food eating habits & reminders at the time of eating.

2)    Below is white house general counsel email...Dr. John Holdren Director of Office of Science and Technology Policy referred my matter.

 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leonard, Rachael L. EOP/OSTP
Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 1:40 PM
Subject: FW: MIT alum GE fraud, immigration issue
To: "Madhuri Trivedi>
Dear Ms. Trivedi,
Thank you for your note, which Dr. Holdren referred to me. OSTP is a small agency that addresses science policy. OSTP does not address immigration or consumer fraud issues. For those topics, you may wish to contact:
The Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Inspector General:
The Department of Justice, The Executive Office for Immigration Review: or
The Consumer Products Safety Commission:
Best regards, Rachael Leonard
General Counsel
Office of Science and Technology Policy

3)    I have solid engineering tenure, qualifications, business credentials including education from prestigious MIT Sloan school

4)   After Madhuri did arbitration with General Electric; Mike harsh CTO, John Dineen CEO GEHC, and Mike Swinford CEO service left GE. Mike Swinford and Mike Harsh came to testify at arbitration hearing when I issued subpoena. Arbitrator was hostile. Arbitrator didn't let me examine witnesses & didn't let enter FDA letter, deposition of GE architect into evidence.

5)    Harvard Medical Job Offer for Madhuri Trivedi

 Full offer is here :

Supporting Quote :

Founder OrangeHealth: Peer to Peer platform for managing diabetes driven by AI.General Electric knowingly released 100k medical devices with critical defects , security vulnerabilities. As A Lead engineer, for not participating in GE scheme, GE in retaliation withdrawn  work authorization. DHS has stalled,denied my work permits for 3 years, despite Harvard medical job. Madhuri developed world's first digital-equivalent to personal computer instrument for genome sequencing . Dr. Jonathan Rothberg- founder of this start up was awarded national medal by former president Obama

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