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Foreclosure Fraud with JP Morgan Chase, Atlantic Law Group

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Victim: Toni Anderson purchased her home March 2016.  She was a mortgage broker.  When the real estate market crashed she had to shut down her company.  She started to research how her state (which is Maryland) handle foreclosure.  

In her research she discovered evidence that caused her to believe the party that was seeking to collect monies from her was not the party that was entitled to have payment.  She believes the party that initiated the foreclosure against her recorded documents in the county claiming that MERS (who is allegedly the beneficiary on her Deed of Trust) transferred her note to U.S. Bank National Associations as Trustee for J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2006-WMC2.  Toni thought that was strange since she read a beneficiary of a trust does not have the right to transfer it’s assets.  

This caused Toni to do more research and she began to write her local Senators, Attorney General, Post Master General and her local FBI agency in the hopes they would help.  Her foreclosure action was terminated.

Now after over 7 years they have come back and foreclosed on her home.  Toni received a 1099 from the the alleged servicer claiming they were the ones who sold her property.  The seller of her property according to the courts was suppose to be U.S. Bank National Associations as Trustee for J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2006-WMC2.  However the 1099 tax forms prove other wise.

Toni believes that she is a victim of fraud and theft over $500,000.00.  She also believes there thousands of victims experiencing this same kind of behavior in her community.  She states “Maryland is a non-judicial states which makes it easier for Maryland home owners to fall victim to these types of behavior.

Toni is bringing this to the public in the hopes that others who are going through the same things will link up and fight this injustice.

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