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Families Worried about Economic Collapse and North Korea's Nukes Now Have Military Underground Shelter Protection Adapted for Civilians

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Families seeking military-level underground shelter protection can now purchase the NORAD S16-16 bomb shelter which provides 8  people underground, off-grid protection for one year.


Texas bomb shelter company NORAD Shelter Systems LLC recently introduced a smaller underground steel blast shelter for the average family of 6 to 8 people. The S16-16 civilian bomb shelter is a military shelter adapted for civilians that allows a family of 8 the same protection from war, terrorism, violence and natural disaster that the NORAD Military shelters provide for larger military troop sheltering. The solar-powered S16-16 Civilian shelter offers one-year off-grid protection. It provides HEPA dust air filtration. The S16-16G-MIL Military shelter is internal diesel-generator powered and provides protection from nuclear fallout, and chemical and biological threats. Both models provide the same levels of nuclear blast pressure protection.

NORAD's civilian customers seek protection from financial collapse which would deprive millions of Americans of electrical power. They also seek protection from a nuclear explosion, fallout or the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) a nuclear bomb can cause. An EMP attack could wipe out the power grid and create severe economic and social collapse. Fears are particularly strong about some radical small country like North Korea sending nuclear missiles to America either from land to land or from ship to land.

While many shelters are cramped and dark, even claustrophobics feel fine in the S16-16 civilian underground shelter. The 256 square foot space is almost as large as a double-car garage. Many shelters use rounded "culvert drain" designs, but the S16-16 uses high sloped ceilings, allowing for much more usable space. Ceiling heights range from 8 to ten feet, much taller than average conventional ceilings. A 6 foot tall person has two to four feet of clearance overhead.  Occupants can store 96 five-gallon food buckets and 400 rolls of toilet paper in the in-wall storage shelves so that none of the survival supplies clutter up the living area.  

The S16-16 bomb shelter's solar energy system powers the stainless steel SEAM (Severe Environment Air Module) HEPA dust air filtration system. The Military S16-16G-MIL shelter's diesel generator powers NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) SEAM for both breathing and for generator cooling. NBC air filtration systems are “Bag In-Bag Out” so the filter trays can be changed without coming into contact with a contaminated filter element. The Military SEAM unit also has a test port to test for chemical warfare agents in the air without going outside. 

The S16-16G-MIL military model comes with an EMP-shielded underground diesel generator to power lights, conventional plumbing and the NBC air purification. The civilian model offers queen or twin size bunk beds; the military model offers 39" aluminum twin bunk beds. The military model includes an 800-gallon internal diesel tank which provides life support for one year. The generator only needs to operate 4 hours a day to charge the battery bank. The batteries operate air filtration, TVs, DVD players, the water pump, the sewage lift station, the lights, radios and laptops 24 hours a day.

Equipped with the Plumbing Package option, the S16-16 allows normal living with hot and cold running water, fiberglass shower, conventional sinks, a microwave oven, a stove, an a conventional flush toilet that empties to a conventional septic system. "People in the S16-16 bomb shelter "do not have to live like cavemen," said Derek McCarthy, NORAD Sales Engineer.

The S16-16 civilian and military models offer multiple protections from nuclear, biological, chemical threats, war, terrorism, storms, fires and floods. Multiple intruder defenses make the shelter very difficult to defeat. Emergency escape hatches are available. Nuclear blast protection is documented in NORAD's extensive performance data on its shelters.  At 0.9 miles from two 100 kiloton nuclear blasts a person inside the S16-16 bomb shelter would have the same chance of injury as a person living normally in peacetime.

The S16-16 is manufactured with a cathodic corrosion protection system allowing a 30-50 year structural warranty. Steel underground shelters without this level of corrosion protection weaken 3 to 5 % each year. NORAD's incredibly strong shelters are designed to be buried under hundreds of thousands of pounds of earth pressure for 50 years without weakening.

NORAD announced that the S16-16 bomb shelter will go into production at the end of September 2016.


Derek McCarthy, Engineering Dept.
NORAD Shelter Systems, LLC
675 Town Square Blvd Garland, TX 75040
+1 (972) 913-6882

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