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E-Therapy Café™ Launches Modern Online Therapy for Today’s Busy World. Professional, Convenient, Affordable Online Therapy For All

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Boutique Team Of Licensed And Certified Life Experts Connect With Clients Using Real-Time E-Video Sessions, Instant E-Chat, And Virtual E-Journals To Confront Life’s Challenges In The Comfort Of Their Own Space


Northern Virginia-based startup E-Therapy Café™ announces the launch of E-Therapy Café™: Modern Online Therapy for Today’s Busy World. Taking the counseling industry by storm, the E-Therapy Café™ is rooted in the simple philosophy that therapy should be portable, easily accessible, cost-effective, grounded in ethics and expertise. Anywhere. Anytime.  

“Life is busy! Many people want a real alternative to the barriers and challenges of traditional therapy visits.” said Dr. Jude Black, founder of E-Therapy Café.  “With the hassle of traffic, travel, and even the stigma surrounding therapy, so many people are not receiving the support to truly thrive, it’s clear that people are struggling. We are here to help.

With E-Therapy Café’s  easy to access virtual platform, clients find a safe place to breathe and start working through the barriers that hold them back. Black has used online therapy since 2003 argues “Life doesn't happen in a bubble and four walls do not define how people work through real life challenges. So, we come to you in the convenience of your space, regardless of where you are.”  For many, there can be incredible pressure just to get through a physical door. We remove the barriers many people face when seeking support  by offering cost-effective, convenient, and secure therapy in the comfort of their own space.

E-Therapy Café’s Director of Relationships and Clinical Enrichment, Amanda Rausch, says, “We are an easy to navigate, boutique team of therapist and coaches tailored to meet the needs of every client with accessible, affordable quality cafe. We help our clients care for themselves and also for others as we donate 1$ per subscription to the client's choice of affiliate charity!”

Our diverse team of experts are licensed and/or certified with extensive education in their area of expertise. We tackle areas such as relationships, trauma, anxiety, “being stuck”, career, family conflicts, body issues, self-esteem and a myriad of other common concerns. E-Therapy Café’s Boutique Team of Licensed Therapists and Certified Life Coaches are dedicated to support, motivate, and encourage people all over the world.  Our experts break down barriers and provide support professionally, ethically, and affordably.

We are a one-stop-shop,  providing convenient sessions easily accessed through a more-than-HIPPA secured virtual portal. Clients choose between real-time Virtual E- Video Sessions, Instant E-chat session, and/or Virtual E-Journal Exchanges depending upon the focus and preference.

“What we do, is simply offer people an expert option that fits into their busy world. Can you imagine no traffic, no waiting rooms, no parking? Can you imagine sneaking in a session when the little ones are napping or tackling relationship issues after work, or even closing your office door for a quick check-in?” asks Black. “Whether you are at home, work, on the beach, at school, or traveling, we are there for you; anytime, anywhere.”

The Team is focused on giving back and making a difference in the lives of others. We give back. We give $1 from every session to one of our charity affiliates. It’s easy to see that this company is different, unique, and focused on making changes greater than themselves.

Our mission is simple. Professional, convenient, affordable online therapy for all. Anytime. Anywhere.

We want to make therapy portable, easily accessible, cost-effective, grounded in ethics and expertise.  We want the barriers to engaging in expert therapy, removed.

Learn more about E-Therapy Café™  at:

Founded by entrepreneur and therapist Dr. Jude Black in 2016,

E-Therapy Café™  mission is . Professional, convenient, affordable online therapy for all. Anytime. Anywhere.

Contact Information
Dr. Jude Black, Founder
Mobile: +910.689.7100
Skype: DrJude.Black

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