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Drs on Calls Revolutionizing Healthcare with Modern Technology Updates

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  LOS ANGELES, CA - 07/03/2017

Abstract: Improved healthcare service begins with Drs on Calls modernized service for patients and doctors

The telemedicine market is expected to reach 113 billion dollars by 2025, according to Grand View Research. Doctors are trying to cut costs and improve care while patients frantically search for better service on their schedule. Drs on Calls was established by Mary Gorder to meet the growing demand for medical assistance at an affordable, accessible, rate. Patients can contact a doctor, have treatment arranged and receive their medications without ever leaving their homes. Using technology most patients already have, such as cell phones and computers, Drs on Calls can eliminate travel for elderly patients via video conferencing with their doctor. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average wait time for the emergency department visit is about an hour. With Drs on Calls patients can be seen by a licensed physician in a fraction of that time and cost.

Over 60,000 doctors have joined the Drs on Calls telemedicine service since November 2016. Drs on Calls is on its way to positively revolutionizing how doctors and patients interact with each other. Doctors can reach patients that may be out of contact otherwise, either due to distance, location, or due to financial reasons. Patients that use Drs on Calls can get the medical help they need while avoiding costly doctor visits for non-emergency care for common illnesses.

Ms. Gorder, founder of Drs on Calls explains her inspiration for focusing on telemedicine, “I grew up in a large family, we were not rich by any means. I lost my father and my sister due to not having the money to have them cared for by a doctor. I am taking that personal loss and working to keep others from experiencing a similar tragedy just because they feel they cannot afford to see a doctor.”

Patients can use the trendsetting Virtual Call option to talk directly with a doctor that is best suited for their immediate needs. Virtual Calls can save patients in office visit fees and travel costs. For more pressing needs, a house call can be scheduled. This is ideal for patients that are not mobile. Drs on Calls also works with doctors and patients with Concierge Medical - the patient can pay an annual fee, or retainer, for certain services.

Imagine if an elderly woman, in a remote part of United States, could access her physician through video conferencing from her mobile phone, avoiding the excessive travel time and cost which might otherwise have been a deterrent to her seeking proper medical treatment prior to an emergency situation. If you’re a parent, you know the dreadful feeling of uncertainty when your child is sick and complains of ear pain or a cough in the middle of the night, you may wonder if it’s better to make a trip to the hospital or to let your child rest instead. When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is leave your home.

For doctors Drs on Calls offers many benefits via their telemedicine network. Telemedicine, the use of digital technologies to provide healthcare services from a remote location, is the solution for the increasing demand being placed on the healthcare industry. By expanding the reach of physicians, this new service would help relieve stress on healthcare practitioners, as well as reduce costs and give patients greater access to specialist care.

Drs on Calls offers many benefits not only to patients but to doctors as well. Their all-in-one platform handles follow up calls, automated booking appointments and reminders, billing, insurance verification for patients for immediate reimbursements and 24/7 IT support. Healthcare providers using Drs on Calls service can control availability via the website or the mobile app. Doctors simply log in, change their availability and begin earning with Drs on Calls.

The healthcare industry needs an update. Drs on Calls is revolutionizing the industry into the modern technology and sensible changes that benefit both doctors and patients and help simplify the way complex healthcare is delivered.

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