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Don Forman Nissan Dealer and the Fox 5 Surprise Squad Help When Those Who Need It Most

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After the Las Vegas shootings, a lot of people dropped what they were doing and got busy trying to help the hundreds of people in need. In many ways, it seemed as if the whole town stepped up to the plate. It goes without saying that Nissan dealer Don Forman made a number of major contributions to this vast community undertaking. For many years, he has been very prominent in Las Vegas charities and it obviously came as no surprise to anyone that he put every resource he controlled at the disposal of the rescue effort.

With the sudden and urgent need for blood donors, Don Forman and his employees got busy shuttling people back and forth to the donation centers. This was the type of emergency where there was no time to sit down and work out a plan. Things needed to be done right away. It was time that mattered, not economy or efficiency. Needless to say, Don and his staff got the job done-- as they always do.

It doesn't seem to matter if the need is great or small. Don Forman has made an impact on situations that require individual-level assistance as well as putting out wholesale efforts in the case of an emergency such as the recent atrocity. Thanks to everyone who gave so unstintingly of their time and money, the massacre storyline underwent a remarkable change.

Unlike similar tragedies that have afflicted other communities, the united surge of effort that Las Vegas put forth changed the narrative away from what was most certainly a hideous event and instead moved the spotlight over to the community-wide outpouring of love and support.  Nothing could have served as a more effective rebuke and rejection of the shooter's lust for chaos than this stunning group effort.

Don Forman was right in the middle of that effort and served as a sterling example of what all of Las Vegas needed to do. No arguments, no maneuvering, just buckle down and get busy. It was as if all of the many noble works he has done in support of the Fox 5 Surprise Squad served as harbinger and training for this one giant-sized catastrophe. The high public profile of the entire Surprise Squad network of donors and supporters has raised the consciousness of the entire metropolitan area and primed them to all pitch in when the call came.

Many people used to assume that Las Vegas was not a big-hearted town but it is men like Don Forman philanthropist that has proven them wrong.

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