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Don Forman Las Vegas Partnership With The Surprise Squad Is Changing Lives

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  United States - 07/23/2019 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

Don Forman, one of US' renowned automobile investors, is winning people's hearts for his philanthropic deeds.  Since joining forces with the Surprise Squad in 2014, Don Forman has made several philanthropic achievements thus changing the lives of hundreds of hardworking residents across Las Vegas. Don Forman Nissan Las Vegas Nevada owner has sponsored a TV show that showcases individuals and families that have benefited immensely from his philanthropic works.  The show is transforming the lives of many families in Las Vegas by restoring happiness and hope in their lives. His show has become so popular that it is creating a buzz on almost all social media networks. 

The show has highlighted several touching stories since its inception. Best of all, the show reflects the significance of humanitarian efforts not just in Las Vegas but throughout the country as well.  One story highlighted by Don Forman's show includes that of an old lady who adopted the children of her neighbor (who was on the verge of dying). The lady was an orphan herself. Don Forman found her story touching and he committed himself to help her family, which was dealing with unending financial challenges and hardships. Both Don Forman and the Surprise Squad have truly embodied the positive spirit of productivity. Moreover, they have helped maintain the aspects of charitable causes; morals, ethics and donating back to the community. 

Apart from collaborating with the Surprise Squad with a vision of helping residents of the larger Las Vegas, Don Forman has been involved with several other philanthropic and charitable causes, all of which manifest his belief in giving back to his community. His philanthropic work knows absolutely no boundaries, for many are the instances when he has put his entrepreneurial ambitions aside to help other people. One incident that shows how passionate the automobile investor is in helping others was after gifting a poor man with absolutely no resources money to fulfill his ambitions. Glen Zani, who was committed to delivering crosses to sites where scores of people were believed to have lost their lives, captured the attention of Don Forman. The investor was so touched by Glen Zani's story that he decided to gift him with equipment, money, and everything he needed for ferrying the crosses to the designated sites.

In 2017, a young lady was among the beneficiaries of Don Forman's kind gesture. This is after the lady offered to take a boy suffering from autism to a homecoming party. The autistic boy suffered from rejection and no one was willing to attend the homecoming event with him until the young lady who was later gifted by Don Forman volunteered to take the boy to the event with her. Apart from gifting the lady, Don Forman Las Vegas also gave the autistic boy an education scholarship. 

Perhaps one of the philanthropic acts that will see him remembered for years was witnessed during the infamous 2017 mass shooting in Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas. During this sad incident, workers from his automobile giant firm, United Nissan, stopped their everyday business and took part in taking the injured persons to hospitals. The workers also initiated a blood drive to encourage residents to donate blood to survivors who had lost plenty of blood during the shooting incident.

About Don Forman 

Don Forman is United Nissan's CEO and founder. Besides being a big name in the automobile industry, Don Forman is a noble humanitarian and philanthropist from Las Vegas.  He can best be described as a seasoned investor who combines his entrepreneurial success with helping less fortunate people in his community. He has lead several humanitarian causes either in person or through partnering with other individuals or institutions.

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