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Doctors Discovery Helps Diabetics

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A team of researchers have found that a formulation of exotic sounding ingredients may give diabetics new hope, with a double blind controlled study showing excellent results in lowering blood sugar levels from a collection of natural food ingredients.

The formula, called Cinnatrol, which is technically a natural supplement, promotes healthy blood sugar levels by effectively metabolizing glucose into energy. In a double blind research study of 50 patients, all patients taking just one capful of the liquid (one ounce) daily, dramatically lowered their blood sugar levels compared to a placebo group. A second scientific study found that one other ingredient in the Cinnatrol formulation made insulin 20 times more capable of converting blood sugar to energy.

While individual results vary, one patient in the study lowered his blood sugar from 220-245 to the 100-130 in only 28 days, with no change to his dietary habits or physical activity. Some patients, under their doctors care, have been able to reduce or eliminate their need for diabetic drugs. Scientists say that Cinnatrol may also help current diabetic drugs to work more efficiently.

The product is now on sale in North America, exclusively through Walgreens and is available nationally. The simple liquid drink is taken daily and gradually reduces blood sugar levels.

A spokesman for the company said “Cinnatrol has been widely accepted by consumers across the country as it is pleasant tasting and easy to take. There are no known side effects and the science behind the product is solid.”

To ensure you get the genuine natural product be sure to ask for CINNATROL by name in any Walgreens across North America.

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