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Digital Cinema United To Offer CinemaCloudWorks to USA Distributors

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Digital Cinema United to Provide CinemaCloudWorks’ Comprehensive Intelligence-Based Theatrical Distribution Software


Digital Cinema United (DCU) announced today it will offer an exclusive CinemaCloudWorks licensing package to its USA theatrical distributor clients.

An intelligent data analysis system, CinemaCloudWorks is specifically designed to help distributors determine exactly when and where to book a film in order to achieve maximum profit. From algorithmic grading of comparable films to individual theater performance data, CinemaCloudWorks gives film distributors key insight to ensure the successful release of a title.

DCU has also announced special discount pricing on DCP fulfillment for those distributors who manage their bookings through CCW. 

“We’ve been working with the CCW team from the beginning, and we are very excited to introduce our US customers to the platform. Our number one priority is to add value, and CCW is the future of independent distribution and something the entire industry can and will benefit from,” said Alan Christensen, DCU’s SVP of Business Development.

DCU currently owns and operates 12 facilities worldwide with distribution services spanning 40+ countries. DCU’s services include DCP and key deliveries, content mastering for producers, international servicing for sales agents, and day-n-date theatrical fulfilment for major studios across its entire network.

“DCU has been an incredible partner and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to show their client base how CinemaCloudWorks can directly impact their bottom line.”  said Harmon Kaslow, President of CinemaCloudWorks. 

Clive Ogden, VP Client Services of DCU, added “Creating an all-inclusive theatrical distribution ecosystem has been a DCU goal from the beginning. Being able to offer independents multi-territory distribution, with full vendor integration, from within a single cloud-based system is finally here, and we look forward to bringing many more markets online in the near future.”


About CinemaCloudWorks

CinemaCloudWorks is a software as a service (SaaS) company sponsored by UM Holdings, a New Jersey-based private equity fund. CCW has developed a number of complementary technologies and tools for distributors including “iScreeningRoom,” a secure online motion picture screening and testing platform, “Proceeds Predictor,” to analyze potential gross box office, “Filimark,” a secure film watermarking technology, and “Comp Film Analysis,” a tool to algorithmically  identify like-films. CCW is headquartered in New Jersey with offices in Texas and California.

For more information about CinemaCloudWorks, visit:


About Digital Cinema United

Digital Cinema United is a global content service partner that provides a unique suite of digital supply chain services and tools to content owners, resellers and distributors around the world. DCU is a subsidiary arm of WB Cape International, a private firm with offices in the Europe and Africa.

For more information about Digital Cinema United, visit:

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