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Designer Robbie Antonio & Eric Trump – Revolution - Iconic PreFabs Make Modular Homes Cool

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“Revolution Precrafted is optimistic and excited about this worldwide growth…” 
of modular and prefabricated home building.
Robbie Antonio

Classy, Iconic designs at a price that the millions in the middle class could afford...
"And I realized that the only way I could do this was by making prefab houses.”

Robbie Antonio


Elegant homes that might cost 3 to 4 million dollars each, because of the world-renowned designers and materials involved are only about a tenth of that price, says Robbie Antonio, the visionary founder of Revolution PreCrafted Properties.

The New York Times and a host of publishers in the U.S. and around the world have touted Antonio’s pioneering work that makes factory-crafted modular home building stylish, quality and cool.

The increasing demand for prefab in different parts of the world is solidifying the position of prefabrication in the market,” says Antonio, who has partnered with the Trump family and others to create high-end properties like Trump Tower in Century City.

Antonio tells MHLivingNews that “We see more prefab trends emerging, and one of which is designer home.”

Having worked many years in manufactured and modular homes, first from the production side, now from the association side,” says Jay Hamilton, executive director of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association. “I can say that these homes are thoughtfully designed.”

But Hamilton sees more than just great design. 

Given Eric Trump’s relationship with Revolution PreCrafted Properties - and the connections with the GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump – he thinks this could be important for the enhanced future acceptance of manufactured, modular and prefab home-building in America.

Given that Eric Trump and their family are known for upscale properties, and Revolution modulars are getting positive global press,” observes Hamilton, “should his father become president, it may prove useful for the factory-built home industry.”

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(Photo credits, Trump Family with Robbie Antonio, Property Report. Base of Trump Tower, Manila = SlideShare. Revolution PreCrafted Homes (left), their corporate website.)

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