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DermaChange Releases New Strengthful Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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DermaChange has released a new hair care set that uses all natural and organic ingredients to keep hair healthy and strong.

Finding just the right hair products can be a nightmare. Many promise to deliver certain results, but often fall short on the delivery. Some can even exacerbate the problem or create new ones! There are actually reasons for this.

Chief among those reasons are the chemicals, irritants, and fillers often used by companies to cut costs. But these lower the quality and potency of the formula and can actually cause damage to the hair, scalp, and body. Sulfates have been shown to dry out the hair and scalp, cause irritation, and even mild burns. Parabens have been found in cancerous tumors and linked to developmental disorders, hormonal interference, fertility problems, and dysfunction of the immune system. Gluten and fragrance can cause irritation to those with sensitive skin. And water, a common filler, literally waters down the formula—giving the customer a less potent, less effective product.

This prompted DermaChange to create a shampoo and conditioner made without ANY chemicals, irritants, or fillers. Instead, a combination of powerful ingredients from nature is used. Organic raw manuka honey, aloe vera, cehami, non-GMO rapeseed oil, orange peel oil, vitamin B5, and tapioca starch are all included in that combination. Between their natural clarifying, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties the hair and scalp are properly cleansed, hydrated, and soothed. Add in the fact that these ingredients are also packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, and it’s clear that nourishment is also being amply delivered to ensure strong and healthy hair.

Finally, the formula itself is carefully pH balanced to match the same native pH level of the hair and scalp: 5.5. This keeps the skin’s natural protective layer, the acid mantle, intact—keeping dangerous microbes out and natural oils in. When the acid mantle is disrupted irritation is caused, natural defense against bacteria is neglected, and the skin can be stripped of its hydration and dried out. In fact, when a product is too alkaline for the skin, as many skin and hair care products are, it can even cause mild burns. That’s why DermaChange makes sure that all of their products, including this new set, are balanced at just the right pH level to maintain health and promote healing.

Perfect for sensitive, dry, oily, afflicted, or colored hair and/or scalp, this new Strengthful Shampoo and Conditioner Set will restore fullness, shine, and health—because DermaChange believes that healthy hair is beautiful hair.

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