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We have all heard of Hackers For Hire, But a new name and a new face has punched into the market overnight with a huge report of over 30,000 claims sent to the NSA and CIA with zero day exploits being used to access Mobile Phone devices from the hacking software is providing. We spoke to a woman by the name of Susan Parker whose husband actually purchased the software to spy on her mobile device, she said that her husband installed the software by sending her a text message and he was able to listen to her calls, read her text messages and see what apps she was using. We reached out to Cryptohackers for a direct comment but received no reply back.

The Software they sell supposedly is undetectable and untraceable basically you only need to send a link to the user with a text message and it can be remotely installed and setup by the attacker, we even purchased a copy for ourselves of the so called MobiSpy and found that it was easier than we thought we set up a test model with two iPhone 7+ and tested to see if the software worked as described. Surely enough we were able to remotely hack into the iPhone 7+ using the MobiSpy Software and monitor all the activity in real time. In a Day and age where technology is becoming the very means of communications of our world we highly suggest being careful of what you click on. Hackers for Hire have been making their name in recent years but this is the first we have seen that offer a fully 123 easy hack for your spouses or colleagues device.

If you own a iPhone or Android smartphone we highly suggest being careful what links you click on and what you read in your text messages because according to Cryptohackers recent statistics report 9 out of 10 smartphones are infected with this type of malware.

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