Comnet Technology Inc is proud to annonce Beenote, an all-in-one meeting management tool for more efficient and healthier work teams.

LEVIS, QUEBEC - 04/24/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — An all-in-one meeting management tool

Beenote allows you to schedule, execute and track meetings while still allowing you to record the meeting in whole or in part. Beenote makes it easy to create an agenda and minutes by integrating an easy-to-use model. Beenote follows up the personal tasks as well as those of the team's teammates. Note taking also takes place in real time. The meeting and tasks are automatically available in your corporate calendar.

Healthier meetings

The walking meeting is a new and healthy way to hold corporate meetings. Combining useful with enjoyable, walking easily fits into busy schedules in the workplace. A physical activity that generates benefits: develops team spirit, improves efficiency at work, facilitates decision-making, communication is better and creativity is stimulated.

Where to find Beenote?

Beenote is available on the web at: and on mobile via the App Store.

Comnet Technologie
Comnet Technology Inc is a B2B software publisher that offers two solutions: Voxlog, a recording and judicial management tool and Beenote, a SAAS and mobile all-in-one solution to improve the health of teams and their operational efficiency through better management of meetings.

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