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Charmed FIR Mats passes the EMF Test

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Charmed FIR (far infrared rays) Mats have recently been tested for EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions and passed with flying colors.  The areas of these mats which make contact with the body have been proven to emit no health-threatening EMFs.

EMFs have been under scrutiny for many years.  With the advent of microwaves, cell phones and many other electronics now commonly in use, concern has risen about the short term and long term effects on human health.  Since the body partially operates with its own electrical system, there has been concern over exposure to EMFs emitted by these devices and their effect on the body’s functions.  

Founder and CEO of Charmed FIR Mats, Barbara Carmichael, issued a statement regarding their product on this issue, “I have personally tested these mats myself for any dangerous levels of EMFs and found no danger in using our product.  There are no harmful EMFs emitted from the mat where direct contact is made for their therapeutic properties. I am confident that our many satisfied customers will continue to safely enjoy the health and therapeutic effects of our mats for years to come. We are a company dedicated to creating the very best quality products possible and Far Infrared Amethyst technology is our specialty. We strive to help you live at the highest possible level of health and well-being.”

This claim is further proven by the many satisfied customers writing in and telling their successes in using the Charmed FIR Mat.  One customer wrote, “Since I received my mat and sleep on it every night, I look forward to going to bed to snuggle in and get my dose of healing energy. I wake up feeling refreshed, and it has definitely helped with my rheumatoid arthritis pain and stiffness. I know it is working on a deeper, hidden level and balancing my body in ways that are gently emerging.” - GK

What is a FIR Mat?  Far Infrared (FIR) is part of the light spectrum from natural sunlight. It is a safe form of energy that heats objects by a process called direct light conversion, producing radiant heat. The heat energy emitted from a warm element, such as a FIR Mat, warms people and other objects directly rather than heating the air in the room or heating the skin as with heating pads. This type of heat can help relieve back pain, lower back pain, arthritis and other treatable physical difficulties. Charmed FIR Mats combine far infrared technology with the healing powers of Amethyst crystals to provide professional therapeutic results at home.  These mats have been made available to the public for their personal use.

About Charmed FIR Mats

Charmed FIR Mats is a subsidiary of Sensible Decisions, Inc. and is located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2015. They started their search for alternative treatments to drugs and surgery decades ago and have spent the last 15 years promoting alternative health care and prevention in the form of health fairs. They have now expanded into providing FIR Mats to the general public in order to provide a non-drug and non-surgical solution to health problems.

VIDEO: CharmedFIRMatsYouTube

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