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California-based startup launches the world’s first exclusive streetwear clothing club

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Streetbox Club, an Orange County, CA-based streetwear clothing brand, has launched as the “World’s First Exclusive Streetwear Club,” and it’s growing fast—exceeding expectations.

Streetbox Club is a subscription service that delivers a discounted box of premium exclusive streetwear clothing to customers each month. All items are crafted and curated in house, ensuring customers remain fresh for every season, giving them a unique look that can’t be found elsewhere.

The designs appeal to those seeking a simple yet refined look. That said, most of the garments come with a 24-karat gold-plated pin—yeah dope!  Something else to highlight is that it’s one of the few brands out there—and, quite frankly, the only streetwear subscription service that caters to men and women.

Streetbox Club offers several plans to choose from depending on customers’ needs. Memberships start at $69/month. Those who desire a larger box can sign up for the Elite package at $149/month, which delivers a package of Streetbox Club gear worth up to $300. But that’s not where it ends. Streetbox Club also offers a limited membership for higher-end clientele called Red Label Elite. For $999/month, the Red Label Elite membership brings a collection of Streetbox Club's finest products along with the best products from around the world right to the customer's doorstep—signature required, of course.

The brainchild of Streetbox Club, tech entrepreneur and apparel designer Peter Perez Jr., saw a gap in the streetwear industry and decided to fill it. As a streetwear designer, Perez could not find a streetwear subscription service that was not loud and overstated in its aesthetics, so he decided to start his own. “The main goal was to keep it simple but refined. I also wanted to cut off the middleman [the retail stores] so we can pass on the savings directly to our members,” Perez says.

As a passionate streetwear designer and entrepreneur, Perez knew he needed to take it to the next level and fill this gap in the streetwear community. With the influence of his business peers and countless cups of coffee, he aimed to raise the bar higher than ever before. Perez didn’t want to make just another streetwear brand, he wanted to make it exclusive: a family. Out of his passion, creativity and eye for detail, a new streetwear subscription club was born . . .Streetbox Club.

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