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Be Safe Meds Announces New Study Tracing Online Dating Applications to STD’s

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Be Safe Meds, web-based app that provides treatment for STD’s without having to physically go into a doctor office, has announced a new study that links dating applications, like Tinder, to STD rates. The study concluded of respondents from the ages of 18-25, which is the leading age range of being at risk for STD’s currently, asking a series of questions regarding STD exposure, STD treatment, and the use of dating applications when it comes to sexual interaction.

Some findings that were concluded from the study include:

  • 24% of respondents have had sexual relations with someone off a dating application like Tinder
  • 60% fall under having one of more partners in the last year
  • Close to half (49.02%) have never been tested for an STD (Linked to the fear of being tested)
  • Half (50.98%) responded that they would use the Be Safe Meds app to avoid going to the doctor for STD treatment

Midwest ER Doctor, Dr. Segun Ishmael noticed the rise of STD’s and the fear individuals have when having to get tested or treatment and launched the app, Be Safe Meds, which allows clients to get a diagnosis and treatment for STD’s. The new web-based app provides the service of choosing one’s STD symptoms they may be experiencing, and speaking to a medical professional- doctor or nurse on the phone who will then prescribe a medication to the nearest pharmacy. This is a new innovative way for individuals to obtain treatment for STD’s and avoid embarrassment of going into a doctor to get checked.  

“This health issue is continuing to grow and spread because of the fear individuals have in getting tested. I started Be Safe Meds because I noticed a trend that people are not getting treatment for STD’s due to embarrassment. This app is a new way for individuals to get treatment effectively by a medical professional and with technology taking over the health industry, I think this is the beginning of a turning point in healthcare,” said Dr. Segun Ishmael.

Be Safe Meds currently operates in Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Missouri and New Mexico. Their goal is to create a safe and comfortable journey that allows their patients to get the treatment and results they want in a quick and private process. For more information please visit

Be Safe Meds cannot statistically infer results will be the same for the general population due to sample size. One must not rely on the information in this report as an alternative to legal or medical advice from an appropriately qualified professional.  If you have any specific questions about any legal or medical matters you should consult an appropriately qualified professional.

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