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Back Pain Technology now available without referral or insurance, over 150,000 positive outcomes.

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Revolutionary back pain relief platform is now available without a prescription. 

This spinal restoration platform boasts utilization of technology that has over 150,000 documented positive results and could be one of many opportunities for president-elect Donald Trump to use in making America great again.

What A Relief Back Pain Centers ( of Rockwall Texas announced today that the, first of its kind, back pain clinic should catch the eye of President-elect Donald Trump because this non-insurance membership model could change the quality of life for millions of Americans and single-handedly reduce Medicare and Medicaid spend by billions, while helping the health care reform problem and President Elect Donald Trump keep a campaign promise to make America Great Again.

Dr. Darcy Brunk, co-founder of What A Relief said, “American’s need to take a more active role in their healthcare.  An individual and their family’s healthcare is NOT the doctor's responsibility, it’s each individual American’s responsibility to provide their own health care in the form of wellness and preventative maintenance.” He goes on to use a simple analogy, “It’s like owning a car, you spend the time and energy to make sure your automobile gets the right fuel regularly.  You take it in for regular oil changes. You get preventative maintenance on it to keep it running for a long time and not to break down, for the fear of the expense of having to buy a new engine or other related expense that you can avoid for the most part with the required care.” He continues, “Imagine if the government would start offering free cars to those who did not care for their own, or better yet the ability to mandate your friends and neighbors pick up the bill. The country would go crazy. That is exactly where we have gotten with healthcare, and it is crazy.”

At the press conference in Rockwall, Texas for What A Relief’s first clinic grand opening, co-founder Jeff Cline stated, “Health insurance is broken and we are not going to be a part of a system that has been taken advantage of for years.” He goes on to state, “What A Relief back pain clinics are non-insurance and offer a  choice for a better quality of life and health. We consider it a preventative maintenance for the body, just like an oil change and the best gasoline for a car. Millions of people choose to pay out of their own pocket for better gasoline and regular oil changes. Now they have the option to take control of their healthcare in a similar fashion in only 15 minutes 2-3 times per week.”

DBC America technology utilized at the What A Relief  Back Pain Clinics have had over 150,000 documented positive outcomes worldwide. The majority of these have been post-operative or behind a prescription, paid by insurance, and therefore subject to approval by insurance companies, until now. What A Relief’s motto is “We are going to WAR against back pain!” They also believe that preventative use should be rewarded with the goal of reducing back pain episodes and the billions of dollars spent in back surgeries, treatments, and braces that Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance companies spend on this epidemic.

Statistics show over 30 million Americans suffer from back pain today and over 80% of American’s will suffer from back pain in their lifetime.  Back pain is among the leading reasons individuals miss work, impacting the fabric of the American economy.  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reports billions are spent on back pain, and issues stemming from back pain each year.  According to the Global Burden of Disease, lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.  Back Pain is recorded as the second largest reason for doctors office visits, only outnumbered by respiratory infections.  Most cases of back pain are mechanical, or non-organic.  In other words, they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer, and are believed to be a $50 billion dollar a year industry.

Americans should not get discounts on health care because of their income but for their active involvement in reducing the cost of their healthcare. Imagine a healthcare system with a goal of wellness, and those who help reduce the cost of overall care should get an economic benefit, a reward.  Those who do not actively pursue health should have to pay the price. Just like if you own a car and never get the oil changed it will eventually stop working and cost huge amounts in repair costs, but because you made that choice you incur the exorbitant costs. Healthcare should be the same way. The What A Relief data analysts agree and believe if big data and technology were available 20-30 years earlier, our healthcare system would already be in a better place. With today's data, science and technology there is no reason wellness shouldn't be every American’s responsibility and at their own cost. This point of view does not diminish the value of health insurance. In fact health insurance, when not abused destructive health habits, would be much more convenient and affordable.

What A Relief believes the government and the private sector should team up to provide easy and affordable access to this technology in every city in America. Beginning with the 1600 underserved areas and major population centers impacting overall care and assess to millions all at the same time. Not only will this plan create a reduction in the overall healthcare expenses, it will, “make America great again,” increase business productivity, decrease disability expenses and create more manufacturing, technical and certified positions right here in America.

WAR founders proposed, “Therefore, President Elect Donald Trump, with all these glaring back pain facts, and access to documented technology that could provide relief, not only to your voters, Mr. Trump but to the healthcare problem in America, the questions is where do we go from here? Perhaps TrumpCare 1.0?” The continued, “The first policy that should be included in TrumpCare should be for the private/public sector to work together for long-term wellness, leveraging technology, science, and data to affect real change.” Founder, Jeff Cline, summed up his message at his opening with an invitation, “President Trump, we understand this is not your first priority, but we will be looking forward to your call shortly. 1-214-A-RELIEF.”

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