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Baby Carrier Wrap as a simple and useful helper during maternity leave

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3/23/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Our brand has been placed on the market relatively recently, we started only a few months ago. Baby Carrier Wrap was not invented by us, of course.  We just tried to improve its features and quality as much as possible. And why we have done something like this? Because anyone who has children knows, how demanding are especially first months after the birth of the child and how welcome is every little thing, which can make a difference. 
We wanted Baby Carrier Wrap long enouhg, so even a tall or robust person can use it without problems.
We wanted Baby Carrier Wrap light and breathable enough to be highly comfortable as for mom , so for baby.
We wanted Baby carrier Wrap strong enough, so it is never outstretched and baby is always safe.
We wanted Baby Carrier Wrap so good, that when moms try it, then never put it off. 
Motherhood is one of  the most important period of life, for both the mother and the baby. Mom learns to know her baby, the baby learns to explore the world, both of them develop and strengthen their relationship. It is therefore extremely important that this period passed without undue stress and tension caused by obligations and external influences. Baby Carrier Wrap will support the mother´s effort and make the entry of the baby into this big new noisy world more pleasant. The baby will observe everything from safe mother´s arms, calmed down thanks immediate contact. And which mom would not want to be constantly close to her child? Thanks Baby Carrier Wrap she can. So, dear moms and tots, enjoy it!
Useful advices and tips for moms can be found on our website

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