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Award Winning Song Orchestrated, “In Heaven”

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Tricia Greenwood Releases Beautiful Music Video to Comfort and Give Hope


The holidays can especially be a difficult time for those who have lost friends and family members. The memory of their departed can add to sadness and estrangement among family members. In Heaven, a music video with a collection of nature scenes and lyrics to comfort and give hope, is meant for taking time this holiday season to reflect on special memories and honor the person who has departed. Tricia Greenwood orchestrated the song as a means of memorial service and consoling song for anyone struggling to carry on this holiday season. Greenwood mentioned that, “The best way to help those who are grieving during the holiday seasons is to let them know you care and that their loved one is not forgotten.”

In Heaven came to fruition when a dear friend passed away due to cancer. It was written and recorded to aid loved ones through the grieving process in order to carry on with life. A simple song with a message that has taken on a life of its own, Greenwood wants to share it with the world. “I have realized my purpose in music is to share the song that has helped comfort me through the loss of my friends from cancer, my only son, and parents.” She continued to say that, “Christmas is really a time for relationships with dearest friends and our deepest love to shine. A time for families to come together and spend hours and moments that make memories that will last forever. When loved ones have passed on, all we have are memories, photographs, videos and songs to remember them by.” 

Upon releasing the music video and receiving letters and cards from family members expressing their gratefulness for the song as it aided them through grief, Greenwood was moved to rewrite the last verse to the song that was personal to her friend’s life to give copies out to family members after 9.11. As a result, In Heaven was deemed a finalist by the Song of the Year and VH1. To further spread her message, Tricia Greenwood performed her special song “In Heaven 9/11" at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City for the opening premiere of a documentary film comforting those left behind.

After that performance, Tricia sent letters to Michael Tilson Thomas and the National Symphony Orchestra asking if they would be interested to orchestrate her song. Despite not hearing back, she dreamed that someday she would hear cellos and violins playing her melody. Now, her dream has become a reality. Entrepreneur, Melissa Greer, a best friend for almost 30 years, called and commissioned Producer and Composer Stephen Sea, who formerly worked on over a hundred classic films in Los Angeles, to orchestrate the song.

The time is now to realize that we need to be more kind to one another. We live in a time where there is so much division among society. While we continue to find labels to define each other by, all we are doing is separating each other. It’s the time to become aware of the spiritual forces that are available and at play. “We all need to pray. There’s so much loss from war and natural disasters, I can only imagine the empty chairs at the dinner tables everywhere or the people in hospitals and care homes where no one visits. While children who wonder if there really is a heaven, I believe there is.” Greenwood puts forth. 

This beautiful video is available now at:

Orchestrated Song “In Heaven” available only at

The best way to help those who are grieving during the holidays is to let them know you care and that their loved one is not forgotten.”

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