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Tony Weaver, the top-selling author is pleased to announce the release the third book in the “Book of the Way,” series. “Gods and Monsters, The Tale of the Goddess,” was released on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. “Gods and Monsters,” is both a prequel and sequel at the same time. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many local bookstores near you.

Tony has originally written all three books on 2 1/2 by 4-inch note cards. He will be giving a few of these cards away on his author Facebook page in the next few months. You can also get a free chapter of “The Book of Way,” by going to his website.

You can also join Tony's Thunderclap or Flash Mob at

About the Series:

“The Book of the Way:”

There will be only one Redeemer.

     “The Book of the Way,” a story that takes us from the creation of the world to the time of redemption and reconciliation of all the kinds with the deity.

     Our cast of characters include:

     The Goddess and HER Pairbond The Beloved.

     The Mortals Stephen Tower and his Pairbond Faith.

     A band of sixteen exiled Angels (Elohim) led by Tatiana and her Pairbond Oberon.

     Vicar, a mortal granted immortality from the Elohim Gabriel through deceit.    

The Book of the Way, an instruction guide to mortals that delivers both long life and incredible powers to those that it will open to. The Book brings life and death when opened and is the centerpiece of Vicar’s Church of The Way.

   Galen, a Kindred (assistant to the Angels) who has fought Vicar for thousands of years.

     Demeter, a Kindred and ancient Greek Goddess that helped to rule the world thousands of years ago with her Pairbond Vedya, brother of Galen. Both translated to The Realm, a hidden place of magic by their sworn enemy Vicar, who had used The Book of The Way to reduce them to lesser beings, neither mortal nor Angel, nor Kindred.   

 Only one will become the redeemer and open the Heavenly City, reconciling Angels, Kindred, Mortals and the others with The Goddess.    

This is known to Vicar’s Church of The Way as the time of redemption and reconciliation. Long foretold throughout the millennia. Stephen and Faith are taking their first steps in The Church. Faith will become one of The Blackhearts of Innocence, protectors of the church through whatever means necessary., while Stephen, accompanied by Galen will vanish from the face of the world after reaching the highest Church level of Saint.   

 All of these characters will be drawn together at Vicar’s grand casino called The Mountain, where the fate of the world and its people will be determined.


     It is the night of Jeremy's ritual of passage, and he looks up into a night sky without stars.   

 Leviathan is the story of Jeremy and a group of young adults surviving their rite of passage into maturity.

 The world has aged; the mortals have died out long ago, replaced with a race descended from both Angels (Elohim) and mortals.

    Approaching maturity, the people (as they call themselves) are transported to a realm of magic and survival. A place where evil and danger still exist.

     Althea, the last true Angel will guide them on a perilous journey through the Realm, filled with dangers, both external and internal. Those who do not learn from her lessons will be culled from the group as unfit. In the Realm only the quick, the smart, and the wary may survive.

     Through stories, Althea relates the history of how the people came to be, and the fight against the eternal creature known as Leviathan, the destroyer of universes.

     The group will learn of:

      The battle of the Heavenly City, where the last Angels and mortals take their final stand.

     The destruction of The Place of Waiting and the Tree of Life, pitting the immortal Vicar and the Kindred Leah against Leviathan in a race to obtain power.

     Stephen and Faith's struggle to slow Leviathan by defending the broken remains of their sunless world.

     Jeremy will encounter the last descendant of Vicar and learn the final secret of how mere mortals may become Gods.

Leviathan: After creation will come destruction.

“Gods and Monsters, The Tale of the Goddess:”

The third story in “The Book of the Way,” Series, A prequel to “The Book of The Way,” and sequel to “Leviathan” simultaneously

Echo and her Pairbond Dell were mortals-once. This is the story as told by The Goddess to HER newly raised Angels:

Raised to the status of Elohim (Angelic beings) by a warring God, they are appointed to the position of commanders of HIS Angelic legion. Caught in a web of strife and betrayal, Echo and Dell must determine the difference between their creator, known as The Father, and HIS eternal opponent and Pairbond Asherah. Who is good and who is evil or are they the same, and what is the consequence when entire worlds are destroyed for the harvesting of a mere two survivors?

Battling across the universe the legion will extinguish everything they encounter until they are stopped by betrayal.

Escaping, the legion will find safety and peace for over a thousand years on two worlds, but fate and an angry creator will eventually find them. After their commanders have been eliminated, Thomas and Ophelia will lead the legion on an exodus across the void to seek a new place to settle in peace and freedom. Along with their way they will reunite with Oren, an Angel thought long dead, who now carries with him a terrible weapon of death and destruction. Fighting their way through giants, shapeshifters, dragons, and the wrath of an enraged God. Thomas and Ophelia will discover love and the high price it may exact.

There is a higher power...There is always a higher power.

About the Author:

Tony W Weaver was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Today he lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Donna and their children Ted and Taylor. After nearly five years of research, Tony spent two and a half years writing The Book OF The Way by hand on 2 1/2 by 4-inch note cards.

 The Book Of The Way was published in March 2013.

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